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Featured Care Home Groups

Featured Care Home Groups/Owners with 2 or more Care Homes / Extra Care Housing / Adult Day Care Centres / Mental Health Hospitals are listed below, with the number of members that are part of the Group in brackets. Please click on the Group Name to list all of the Care Homes / Extra Care Housing / Adult Day Care Centres / Mental Health Hospitals that are part of that Group.

1st Choice Care Homes  (8 Care Homes)

1st Choice Care Homes understand that it is a difficult decision to place an elderly relative in long term residential or nursing care. With this in mind their philosophy ... more

A&R Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

A&R Care Ltd operate two homely accommodations in Croydon, committed to quality care for older people and also being able to specialise in complex needs, such as dementia, ... more

ABI Support Services Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

ABI Support Services provide specialist care for adults with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC.) ABI homes develop the independence of residents and create opportunities ... more

A C H (London) Ltd  (26 Care Homes)

The Aitch Care Homes (ACH) group offers a service thattakes pride in attention to detail, specialising in many conditions that include epilepsy, autistic spectrum disorders ... more

A D R Care Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

ADR Care Homes own a handful of residential care facilities in the south and east of England, services that aim to offer thorough support to elderly residents as they do ... more

A L A Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

A L A Care Ltd are a company that maintain people's dignity and provide warm homely environments where people feel a strong sense of belonging and enjoy a great quality of ... more

A M S Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

A M S Care Ltd operate two care homes, Bassett House in Swindon and Gifford House in Basildon, both welcoming older people with daily care needs and experienced in helping ... more

A R T I Services Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

A R T I Services Ltd own one care home in Gloucester and another in Radstock that are both dedicated to the long-term health needs of their residents, combined with the maintaining ... more

A S H A Healthcare  (4 Care Homes)

A S H A Healthcare's homes are experienced in older people's care and dementia care, taking a personalised approach that has seen the provider's facilities become well-respected ... more

Abbey Healthcare Homes Ltd  (16 Care Homes)

Abbey Healthcare specialise in a wide range of residential care packages, with staff who have a versatile range of skills and are aided by comfortable living accommodations. ... more

Abbey Total Care Group Ltd  (11 Care Homes)

Abbey Total Care Group Ltd is a family-run business whose provision is based upon personalised care. Residents are supported in making the most of quality interiors and pleasant ... more

Abbeyfield Kent Society Ltd  (9 Care Homes)

Abbeyfield Kent Society Ltd is a registered charity built up to prioritise care, compassionate and companionship, alongside skilled and attentive care. A wide range of needs ... more

Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society Ltd have a history of helping older and vulnerable people to cope more effectively with the daily issues they face, overcoming issues such as ... more

Abercorn Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Abercorn Care Limited comprises three care homes which are all situated closely together within the Portobello area of Edinburgh within a stones throw of the local park and ... more

AbleCare Partnership  (4 Care Homes)

AbleCare has a notable reputation in the South of England, focused in setting the standards for care delivery through embracing innovation and best practice. Long-term ... more

Ablegrange Group  (5 Care Homes)

Ablegrange Group has grown from strong family values, combined with an innovative approach to many forms of care. The provider is experienced in personalised care methods ... more

L Adams and J Adams  (1 Care Home, 1 Extra Care Housing)

L Adams and J Adams have established their care services through a commitment to tailored provision, offering each client a safe and stimulating environment in which they ... more

Adelaide Lodge Care Home LL Partnership  (4 Care Homes)

Adelaide Lodge Care Home LL Partnership operate four facilities that specialise in care packages for older people, offering a comfortable lifestyle within an atmosphere where ... more

Adept Care Homes  (5 Care Homes)

Adept Care Homes are responsible for five Midlands care homes that are dedicated to providing elderly residents with a pleasant and satisfying retirement, in comfortable ... more

Advinia Healthcare Ltd  (15 Care Homes)

Founded in 1997, Advinia Healthcare Ltd is a family-owned, professionally-managed provider of high-quality 24/7 care services to the elderly. Headquartered in London, the ... more

Age UK Norfolk  (1 Care Home, 3 Adult Day Care Centres)

Age Concern (Norfolk) is a company that has over sixty years' experience in looking after the welfare of elderly people through developing skilled residential care techniques ... more

Agincare Homes Holdings Ltd  (12 Care Homes)

Agincare Homes Holdings Ltd have a range of care homes located in Wiltshire, Dorset and Kent, all of which focus on whole-person care, building up friendly and stimulating ... more

Aims Care Partnership  (2 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Aims Care Partnership is a provider that pursues the values of a family-run business, through person-centred care planning and accommodations that are ideal for people with ... more

Akari Care Ltd  (39 Care Homes)

Akari Care Ltd's care homes are dedicated to modern and person-centred, taking on a wide range of personal care and nursing needs throughout their portfolio. The homes look ... more

Alan Atchison Residential Services  (2 Care Homes)

Alan Atchinson Residential Services run two Peterborough accommodations that are tailored to the needs of adults with a learning disability, to whom carers look to support ... more

Alliance Care and Support Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Alliance Care and Support maintains a vision to be recognized as a leader of best practice in the delivery of community and residential care for the learning and mentally ... more

Altogether Care LLP  (4 Care Homes)

Altogether Care LLP are experts in a range of residential services, including nursing and respite care, as well as being specialists in the practice of dementia care. The ... more

Alton Care Group  (2 Care Homes)

Alton Care Group is passionate about providing care services that remain at the forefront of care sector achievements, taking pride in meeting the needs of local communities ... more

Amba Care Homes Group  (4 Care Homes)

Rajan Dhirjal Madlani operate four London care homes that offer professional residential care services for older people and many other specialists needs. The homes are located ... more

Amber Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Amber Care Ltd currently operates two care accommodations, one in Flint and one in Pershore, both of which are located in scenic environments highly-suited to a achieving ... more

Amesbury Abbey Group  (3 Care Homes, 2 Extra Care Housing)

The Amesbury Abbey Group own three luxury retirement homes, located in Salisbury, Winchester and Stockbridge. All three homes make the most of the skills of expert carers ... more

Amore Care  (44 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Amore Care operate a wide range of homely care facilities, all of which suit the right to a dignified lifestyle while incorporating the necessary expertise to ensure all ... more

Anchor  (89 Care Homes, 45 Extra Care Housing)

Anchor Care Home Group are dedicated to providing a wide range of services to ensure you can remain as independent as possible, no matter what your needs are.

Angel Healthcare Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Angel Healthcare Ltd believe that a team environment, where all residents are highly-respected and receive person-centred care, can really make a difference to the lives ... more

Apex Healthcare  (4 Care Homes)

Apex Healthcare own four North-West care homes that have been tailored to the needs of the elderly, as well as for people with mental health issues, in particular forms of ... more

Ascot Residential Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Ascot Residential Homes Ltd have two charming facilities, set up to achieve an atmosphere 'unlike most "traditional" nursing homes' based around respect and tender, loving ... more

Ashberry Healthcare Ltd  (8 Care Homes)

Ashberry Heathcare Limited have 7 care homes and nursing homes in Herefordshire, Cheshire and Dyfed offering care services for the elderly, mental disorder and dementia. ... more

Ashmere Care Group  (10 Care Homes)

Ashmere Care Group has been caring in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire for over 25 years. Family owned and managed for three generations, Ashmere has striven to deliver the ... more

Ashwood Healthcare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Ashwood Healthcare Ltd are respected in the Folkestone community for two modern and vibrant care homes, while this provider also has a view to expanding its portfolio with ... more

Askham Care Homes Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Askham Care Homes owns four Cambridgeshire care homes located in pleasant Doddington: Askham House, Askham Hall, Askham Court and Askham Place, which seek to offer a comprehensive ... more

Assured Care Services Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

The Heather's offers full time residential care, respite care and a day care service. With an experienced Management team and clinical support all residents can be assured ... more

Audley Retirement Villages  (, 8 Extra Care Housing)

At an Audley Retirement village, you own your own home, retaining your highly-valued independence and your asset. Audley offer high-quality houses, cottages or apartments ... more

Aurora Care Group  (2 Care Homes)

Aurora Care Group own three skilled nursing homes that offer a pleasant interior for individuals who require personalised care packages, with fully-trained carers fully resourced ... more

Avante Care and Support  (14 Care Homes)

Avante Care and Support provides a wealth of support services for people living with dementia through its 15 care homes located across Kent, Medway and South East London ... more

Avery Healthcare Group  (15 Care Homes)

High quality care homes providing first class care and attention for older people and people with disabilities. Over 20 years combined experience of providing safe, relaxing ... more

Avon Care Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Avon Care Homes Ltd operate four charming and stylish care homes, all dedicated to long-term quality provision and employing skilled and friendly carers. The provider feels ... more

BPS Care Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

BPS Care Homes Ltd own two Northamptonshire care homes that are ideal for elderly people with physical frailties, as well as specialising in dementia care. The services take ... more

B&M Care Ltd  (21 Care Homes)

B&M Care design, build and operate residential and dementia care homes for older people in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire. Most of their homes ... more

Balcombe Care Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Balcombe Care Homes Ltd has a true passion to deliver the best for residents. Their sympathetic and caring staff constantly ensure that each individual's needs are cared ... more

Balhousie Care Group  (25 Care Homes)

Balhousie Care is the leading privately owned care home group in Scotland. There are 26 tasteful, comfortable and welcoming Balhousie Care homes throughout Tayside, Fife, ... more

Banstead Carshalton & District Housing Society Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Banstead Carshalton & District Housing Society Ltd operates purpose-built environments that are ideal for the practice of residential care and comfortable daily lifestyles. ... more

Barchester Healthcare Ltd  (199 Care Homes, 3 Adult Day Care Centres, 15 Extra Care Housing, 6 Mental Health Hospitals)

Barchester Healthcare is one of the UK's most respected care home companies, providing award winning care and services to thousands of residents throughout the UK. Barchester ... more

Belmont Sandbanks Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Belmont Sandbanks Care is a family run care groups offering multiple offerings of care for elderly people with Dementia and other mental health needs. Belmont focus on residential ... more

Belong  (4 Care Homes, 4 Extra Care Housing)

Belong heralds a wonderful new quality of life for older people who want the comfort and convenience of living 'at home' along with any extra support they may need. Villages ... more

Beritaz Care  (4 Care Homes)

Beritaz Care are a small group of family owned Care Home operators providing nursing and residential care for older people in Surrey and Hampshire. They also provide specialist ... more

Bertinaley Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Bertinaley Care Ltd are an expanding care home provider who pursue a philosophy of achieving the highest levels of care, within homely settings and staffed by qualified professionals. ... more

Bethesda Healthcare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Bethesda Healthcare Ltd's homes look to make the most of charming accommodations and stylish environments in order to provide a satisfying daily lifestyle for residents. ... more

Bindon Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Bindon Care Ltd organise friendly and efficient care services for older people and vulnerable adults, in order to achieve a comfortable and dignified lifestyle, thanks to ... more

Black Swan International Ltd  (13 Care Homes)

Black Swan International Ltd is an experienced care operator, making the most of a vast range of care knowledge, at the same time as putting residents needs and feelings ... more

Bleak House Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Bleak House Ltd own three care facilities, two in the East Riding of Yorkshire and one in North Yorkshire, all of which adhere to modern standards and have impressive inspection ... more

Bliss Residential Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Bliss Residential Care Ltd specialise in care provision that is ideal for adults with mental health complications, including a learning disability, conditions like autism ... more

Bluecroft Estates Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Borough Care Ltd  (11 Care Homes)

Borough Care provides care for older people in the Stockport area. This not-for-profit organisation, provides a safe and comfortable environment for older and disabled people. Established ... more

Brancaster Care Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Brancaster Care Homes Ltd promise their clients they will always strive for quality and satisfying care provision, with nursing and residential care available, as well as ... more

Bree Associates Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Bree Associates Ltd run two Eastbourne care homes, both of which offer comfortable interiors for older people. Experienced staff teams are skilled in the challenges of old-age ... more

Brendoncare Foundation  (10 Care Homes, 4 Extra Care Housing)

Brendoncare is a registered charity, dedicated to improving the quality of life for older people. There are 10 care centres across the south, each with its own individuality. ... more

Brookvale Healthcare  (11 Care Homes)

Brookvale Healthcare provides both general and specialist care, thanks to qualified teams of staff and facilities that are suitable for nursing and residential complications, ... more

Bupa Care Homes  (290 Care Homes, 2 Extra Care Housing)

Bupa Care Homes is one of the UK's largest providers of care homes. Bupa provide a choice of residential and nursing homes, for frail elderly people or those with dementia ... more

Burlington Care Homes plc  (3 Care Homes)

With over 20 years experience, Burlington Care Homes plc pride themselves on offering a highly professional care service for the elderly frail and those with the mental disorders, ... more

C&C  (8 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

C&C offers housing, care and support to vulnerable people and is a not for profit company which has been running for over 87 years.  Their service users include frail ... more

CHD Living Ltd  (11 Care Homes)

Established in 1984, CHD Living (formerly Care Homes of Distinction) is a family owned group of care facilities located across North-Surrey, South-West Surrey and South London. ... more

CHS Group (CHS)  (3 Care Homes, 3 Extra Care Housing)

CHS Group is a versatile provider of care, support and affordable homes, experienced at dealing with clients who have a wide range of needs and seeking the right solution. ... more

C L S Care Services Group  (27 Care Homes)

CLS Care Services Group provides high quality professional care for older people who can no longer live on their own. The aim is to provide services and the best standards ... more

Camelot Care Group  (2 Care Homes)

Camelot Care Group provides person-centred care, based on a company philosophy of compassion, dignity and respect. The nursing teams have recognised qualifications and are ... more

Canford Healthcare  (5 Care Homes)

Canford Healthcare UK is a group offering specialist quality nursing and care for the elderly in an atmosphere that is secure, relaxed, happy and homely. In Eastbourne ... more

Canterbury Care  (11 Care Homes)

Canterbury Care is a care home group that has built up its reputation through prioritising the dignity and independence of each resident, at the same time as making the most ... more

Cardinal Healthcare  (2 Care Homes)

At Cardinal Healthcare the main aim is to deliver a service, which matches your needs, both now and for the foreseeable future. From their very first meeting professionals ... more

Care Circle Group  (5 Care Homes)

Care Circle Group is an award winning and highly respected nursing home group that owns and operates five care homes in Northern Ireland. Today their Homes are regarded ... more

Care Concepts Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Care Concepts Ltd operate three pleasant and homely care accommodations, located in Manchester, Warrington and St Helens. All of the homes are ideal for supporting an active ... more

Care Fulfillment Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Care Fulfillment Ltd own two charming Clacton-on-Sea properties, that provide highly-suited environments for elderly people with residential care needs to enjoy a satisfying ... more

Care Homes of Distinction Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Care Homes of Distinction Ltd is based in Reigate and Caterham, Surrey. An independent care home group that aims for the highest standards of care and facilities for older ... more

Care Living  (18 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Care Living have a strong care sector presence in a number of regions, having been up a care portfolio that is ideal for older people's care requirements together with a ... more

Care Plus & Complete Care (UK) Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Care Plus & Complete Care (UK) Ltd operate a number of charming care properties that combine support for a comfortable lifestyle with skilled and specialist care. All the ... more

Care South  (18 Care Homes, 2 Extra Care Housing)

Care South are respected for a wide range of care services, having been formed as a not-for-profit charity to help vulnerable people make the most of their day-to-day lives. ... more

Care UK Nursing & Residential Care Services  (113 Care Homes, 16 Adult Day Care Centres, 16 Extra Care Housing)

Care UK is an independent provider of social and health care service solutions throughout England and Scotland. Care UK works closely with NHS Trusts, PCTs and local authorities ... more

Care Unlimited  (4 Care Homes)

Care Unlimited are specialists in mental health care, offering personalised residential and nursing packages, welcoming adults with a learning disability and helping all ... more

Carebase Ltd  (10 Care Homes)

Carebase is an independent group of care homes for the elderly located throughout southeast England. Residential, nursing, and dementia care of the highest standard is provided ... more

Carecall Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Carecall Limited operate nursing homes in and around Lincoln.

Caring Homes Group  (57 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing, 1 Mental Health Hospital)

Caring Homes Group is an independent quality accredited care home group with a portfolio of care homes throughout England and Scotland. Founded in 1994 by Helena Jeffery ... more

Casicare  (4 Care Homes)

Casi Care own four care homes in the North of England that are suited to a wide range of care and nursing needs, including for dementia sufferers, being staffed by expert ... more

Castlemeadow Group  (3 Care Homes)

Castle Meadow Group have an excellent reputation in Norfolk for many specialist forms of residential care, including for skilled nursing packages, with an attentive and considerate ... more

Cedars Castlehill  (2 Care Homes)

Cedars Castlehill embraces the care needs of the Shaftesbury community with a home-from-home service, helping adults to continue their lives in familiar surroundings, including ... more

Central England Healthcare (Wolverhampton) Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Central England Healthcare Ltd own two versatile care accommodations, the Conifers and Eversleigh Nursing Homes, located in Walsall and Leamington Spa. The provider can take ... more

Centurion Healthcare Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Centurion Healthcare Ltd own four care homes, all located in the county of Buckinghamshire, with two in High Wycombe, one in Chesham and one in Bourne End. The provider has ... more

Chanctonbury Healthcare Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Chanctonbury Healthcare Ltd is a family-owned business that has directed its time and expertise into the running of three East Sussex care homes, all of which strive for ... more

Charis House Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Charis House Ltd run two stylish care accommodations in the South West of England, Gardenia Court and Jasmine Court, which both adhere to a care philosophy based around achieving ... more

Chasewood Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Chasewood Care Ltd employs a versatile team and can specialise in many key areas of older people's care needs, including for adults with dementia and Alzheimer's. The focus ... more

Cheerhealth Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Cheerhealth Ltd is an expanding care provider that runs its services focusing upon the personal needs of each service user as the most crucial aspect of each package, carried ... more

Cherry Garden Properties Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Cherry Garden Properties Ltd offer comfortable and homely environments, ideal for a satisfying daily lifestyle and retirement at the same time as having access to skilled ... more

Choice Care Group  (49 Care Homes)

Choice Care Group are specialists in both residential care and supported living, maintaining versatile care environments and employing staff who understand the benefits of ... more

Christchurch Group  (5 Care Homes)

Christchurch Group is a leading neurological rehabilitation specialist. The company offers a comprehensive range of services for adults living with neurological conditions ... more

Churchgate Healthcare  (5 Care Homes)

Churchgate Healthcare's homes are ideal for older people with physical frailties as well as adults diagnosed with dementia. The aim is to provide an environment in which ... more

Claregrange Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Clare Grange Ltd operate two excellent rated care accommodations, one in Nottingham, one in Melton Mowbray, both of which are highly-regarded in their local communities for ... more

Claridge Nursing Homes Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Claridge Nursing Homes Ltd operate two nursing homes that are well respected in Hereford and surrounding communities for quality care within a friendly environment, staffed ... more

Clifton St Annes PCS Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Clifton St Annes PCS Ltd: With award winning staff, luxurious facilities and excellent inspection reports you can be assured their homes will endeavour to provide you with ... more

Bernadette Cloonan  (3 Care Homes)

Bernadette Cloonan has three homely care properties registered, all of which combine charming interiors and surroundings with modern care programmes tailored to personal ... more

Clwyd Alyn Housing Association Ltd  (4 Care Homes, 4 Extra Care Housing)

Clwyd Alyn Housing Association, part of the Pennaf Housing Group, has an established an excellent reputation for providing high quality care, support and accommodation across ... more

Coate Water Care Co Ltd  (6 Care Homes)

The Coate Water Care Company Ltd own four Swindon care homes, all of which strive to maintain the respect of their local communities having built-up excellent reputations ... more

Cobham Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Cobham Care Ltd operate two Worthing care homes that are well respected in the local community for the quality of care they offer, specialising in a number of complex needs, ... more

Colten Care Ltd  (19 Care Homes)

Colten Care was established in 1980 when it acquired its first Residential Care Home in Lymington, Hampshire. Over the past 1/4 of a century it has grown steadily in scale ... more

Comfort Care Group Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Comfort Care Group Ltd is a holding company for Sheldon House Ltd and King Charles Court Ltd. Its two Falmouth homes are well-respected in the community for their quality ... more

Comfort Care Homes  (10 Care Homes)

Comfort Care Homes: Danygraig Nursing Home, a successful Newport facility, has led to an expanding portfolio that now consists of ten Wales care homes; bilingual services ... more

Consensus  (64 Care Homes, 4 Adult Day Care Centres, 9 Extra Care Housing)

Consensus is owned by the Caring Homes Group. Consensus is a quality accredited, leading national provider of specialist support services for adults with learning disabilities ... more

Cornwall Care Ltd  (17 Care Homes)

Cornwall Care Ltd adhere to a vision based upon achieving the best standards through focusing on individual needs. Their care homes are well-respected throughout Cornwall, ... more

Country Court Care  (13 Care Homes)

Family owned group, Country Court Care, is based across the East of England, the East Midlands, the South West and Yorkshire & Humberside. The company are constantly striving ... more

Countrywide Care Homes Ltd  (33 Care Homes)

Countrywide Care Homes Limited is a sister company of Maria Mallaband Care Group, which has been providing specialist care services since 1996. Countrywide Care Homes was ... more

County Care Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

County Care Homes Ltd specialise in dementia care in a loving and compassionate atmosphere, safeguarding each client's well-being, which includes a focus on emotional and ... more

Craegmoor  (144 Care Homes, 1 Mental Health Hospital)

Craegmoor is well recognised throughout the UK care sector, being the largest independent provider of support for people with learning disabilities. The group also offers ... more

Cream Care  (4 Care Homes)

Residential Care and enabling support for individuals with a severe or profound learning disability and complex care needs. Cream Care believe there are adults, and younger ... more

Crocus Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Crocus Care Ltd are experienced in a versatile approach to care, with their homes taking on long-term residential needs, while also offering a day care centre service to ... more

Crown Care I LLP  (11 Care Homes)

Crown Care has a portfolio of luxury care homes, located in the North East and in Yorkshire, offering admissions to elderly people who are need of having certain care needs ... more

Cuerden Developments Ltd  (6 Care Homes)

Cuerdon Developments Ltd have over 20 years of experience in providing comfortable and caring environments, employing teams that are skilled in residential and nursing care, ... more

Cygnet Care Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Cygnet Care Ltd have grown from a company philosophy that targets putting service users first as its chief and overriding aim. Staff use a great depth of care skills and ... more

Cygnet Health Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes, 14 Mental Health Hospitals)

Cygnet Health Care Ltd concentrate their services upon creating a 'pathway to recovery', making the most of comfortable interiors and a talented team of professionals to ... more

DE Healthcare  (1 Care Home, 1 Extra Care Housing)

DE Healthcare are a provider of health and social care services to provide support to adults with learning disabilities. They offer support across Staffordshire including ... more

D F B (Care) Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

DFB (Care) Ltd own two Eastbourne care homes, Keller House and Palm Court, both of which specialise in dementia care for the elderly within comfortable and stress-free living ... more

Deepdene Care  (6 Care Homes, 1 Mental Health Hospital)

Deepdene Care offer residential services based on dignity and person-centred care, maintained by trained and friendly professionals who are experienced in many specialist ... more

Devon Care Group  (9 Care Homes)

Devon Care Group offer superb environments and surroundings for personal care needs, with nine care homes located in idyllic seaside towns and villages in South Devon. All ... more

Diamond Healthcare Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Diamond Healthcare owns three highly-respected Lancashire residential homes, one situated in a scenic and peaceful countryside environment, the others located in Greater ... more

Dorrington House  (3 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Dorrington House has been involved in care since 1979. All three homes are conveniently situated in the town centres of Dereham, Watton and Wells-next-the-Sea, with ample ... more

Downing Care  (4 Care Homes)

Downing Care Homes provide support and specialist care for adults with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and complex needs. Through the provision of exceptional ... more

Dr Sandeep Dewan  (2 Care Homes)

Dr Sandeep Dewan owns two residential care facilities, one in North Shields and another in Whitley Bay. Both homes offer comfortable and homely environments for older people ... more

The Drive Care Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

The Drive Care Homes Ltd specialise in support for children and adults with a learning disability, including associated complex needs. Committed to the principles of support ... more

Dryband One Ltd  (9 Care Homes)

Dryband One Ltd have a reputation for quality care from there selection of care homes located in the North East of England. Each home is designed with a comfortable lifestyle ... more

Eastgate Care Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Eastgate Ltd are skilled in modern nursing care provision, maintaining efficient and comfortable environments that have been purpose-built to suit the challenges of modern ... more

Mr & Mrs P Elango  (2 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Mr & Mrs P Elango run Ashgrove Care Home, in Hornchurch, and The Old Vicarage Residential Home, in Dover, both of which are committed to modern and innovative care, combining ... more

Elder Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Elder Homes Ltd was formed with the intention of providing high quality care, as part of a family-owned company who would want the same provision for their loved ones. The ... more

Elizabeth Finn Homes Ltd  (9 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Elizabeth Finn Homes Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elizabeth Finn Care and operates a group of 10 award winning care homes in England providing personal and nursing ... more

Embrace  (86 Care Homes)

Embrace is a leading independent provider of health and social care across the UK. They provide residential, educational and supported living services which enable people ... more

Encompass (Dorset)  (9 Care Homes, 1 Mental Health Hospital)

D R H is a care provider that focuses on solutions for adults with learning disabilities and associated complex needs. Skilled care teams are trained to help individuals ... more

Eothen Homes Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Eothen Homes Limited provides Christian care for the elderly, where all residents’ spiritual needs are met. The home is a charity and was established in 1950 offering high ... more

Epilepsy Society  (7 Care Homes)

Epilepsy Society is accustomed to helping adults with complex healthcare needs, understanding the challenges caused by epilepsy diagnosis and its associated personal challenges. ... more

Equality Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Equality Care Ltd provide care for the elderly including those with confusion and mental health needs. This family run business is based in West Wiltshire and currently has ... more

Erskine Hospital  (5 Care Homes)

Erskine is Scotland's leading veteran's charity. The organisation's mission is to provide its residents with the best possible care and to support them to achieve maximum ... more

Esteem Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Esteem Care is a medium sized Care Home Operator with 20 years experience of caring for the elderly and vulnerable residents. Your choice of Care Home is a major decision, ... more

European Healthcare Group plc  (11 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

European Healthcare Group believe that “Care with Compassion” makes a difference for each and every person choosing to stay. A holistic approach to care is provided by ... more

Executive Care Group  (27 Care Homes)

ECG are focused on providing a high quality of care, concentrating on each person’s individual care and support needs. All care homes provide a variety of services; which ... more

Exemplar Health Care Ltd  (30 Care Homes)

Exemplar Health Care Ltd's care homes specialise in a number of key areas of healthcare, including mental health, and learning and physical disabilities. The company supports ... more

Exmouth Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Exmouth Care Ltd operate two nursing homes in the area, Amberwood and Linksway, both of which are highly regarded in the local community for quality and professional care ... more

Fairmont Residential Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Fairmont Residential Ltd provides the highest quality residential care homes, services and outcomes for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a Severe Learning Disability. ... more

Family Care Co Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Family Care Co Ltd operate a Chichester and a Godstone care home, both of which offer environments and professional carers that are suited to the challenges of older people's ... more

Far Fillimore Care Homes Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Far Fillimore Care Homes Ltd own three comfortable accommodations that look to support a dignified lifestyle for elderly people with care needs, employing experienced professionals ... more

Fellingate Care Centre Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Fellingate Care Centre Ltd operate one Gateshead and one Newcastle-upon-Tyne facility, which provide comfortable living environments where skilled residential, nursing and ... more

Fernside Healthcare  (4 Care Homes)

Fernside Healthcare are experienced in many specialist care and nursing requirements, able to achieve high standards thanks to excellent and charming accommodations, as well ... more

Fewcott Healthcare Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Since first opening in 1985, Fewcott Healthcare Ltd have striven to provide the best possible nursing care for each individual resident, within a home-like, family environment.

Fig Tree Dementia Care  (3 Care Homes)

At Fig Tree Dementia Care professionals believe in living well with Dementia and try to create an atmosphere which is encouraging and caring. The team and residents have ... more

Fisher Partnership  (5 Care Homes)

Fisher Partnership have over twenty-five years of experience in tailoring residential care environments to the needs of their clients. All provision is carried out to recognised ... more

Forest Care Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Forest Care is a family owned and managed business providing high quality care and accommodation to the elderly. The company have a philosophy of care to place the rights ... more

Forest Healthcare  (12 Care Homes)

Forest Healthcare has 12 individual care homes based in the South East of England catering for those with residential, nursing and dementia care needs. A number of the homes ... more

Four Seasons Health Care  (452 Care Homes, 6 Extra Care Housing)

Four Seasons Health Care is one of the UK's leading independent healthcare providers, with many nursing homes, care homes and specialist units throughout the UK. This ... more

Foxcare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Foxcare Ltd own two comfortable Glasgow care accommodations that employ skilled carers and include modern and innovative care methods and technology. The home's care packages ... more

Freedom Care Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Freedom Care is a local company established since 2002. They have several homes situated around the East Midlands providing high quality care and support for people with ... more

The Fremantle Trust  (26 Care Homes, 3 Adult Day Care Centres, 1 Extra Care Housing)

The Fremantle Trust take pride in living up to its excellent reputation for professional residential care, working to bespoke packages that suit the individual, support independence ... more

Friends of the Elderly  (12 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

As a Charity, Friends of the Elderly are dedicated to supporting older people, aspiring to a society where all older people are treated with respect and have the opportunity ... more

Gainford Care Homes Ltd  (12 Care Homes)

Gainford Care Homes provide high quality care and facilities to residents who live in the North East and North. In order to ensure that residents are happy and comfortable ... more

Galleon Care Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Galleon Care Homes Ltd operate six nursing homes, located in Woking, Surbiton, Worthing, Bexhill-on-Sea and St Leonards-on-Sea, all of which are dedicated to person-centred ... more

Ganymede Care plc  (2 Care Homes)

Ganymede Care plc own two London care homes, the Chiswick Nursing Centre and Dulwich Care Centre, both of which offer skilled care and nursing for old age related care needs ... more

Gem Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Gem Care 6 Ltd run three care homes, located in Deeside, Seaford and Herne Bay, all of which look to provide versatile care packages to suit personal need and circumstance. ... more

Gold Care Homes  (24 Care Homes)

Gold Care Homes was established in 1999 and has since grown to operate 15 care homes, predominantly in the northern Home Counties. The group offers a range of care which ... more

Golden Care (UK) Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Golden Care (UK) Ltd run two Northampton care homes, both of which are dedicated to comfortable environments where carers are able to achieve high standards, while clients ... more

Gospel Standard Bethesda Fund  (3 Care Homes)

The object of the Gospel Standard Bethesda Fund is to provide for the care of elderly persons in need who are sick or infirm and who are members of the Gospel Standard group ... more

Gracewell Healthcare  (12 Care Homes)

Gracewell Healthcare is a company committed to the development of luxury style care homes, with current plans under way to significantly expand on the first of its home portfolios ... more

Graham Care Group  (7 Care Homes, 4 Extra Care Housing)

The Graham Care Group are an expanding care sector company with a growing portfolio of care homes, many of which have been purposely refurbished and renovated by the provider ... more

GrayAreas Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

GrayAreas Ltd operate a number of charming properties that are ideal for a comfortable retirement, while offering access to skilled carers who are trained in a wide range ... more

Green Cross Care  (2 Care Homes)

Green Cross Care operate two charming care properties, one in Fleetwood and one in Blackpool, both of which offer a comfortable lifestyle in which residents feel respected ... more

Green Light PBS Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Green Light PBS Ltd was formed in 2009 to address shortfalls in autism care and support in Cornwall. By April 2012 the company had grown creating employment for 60 people ... more

Greensleeves Homes Trust  (18 Care Homes)

Greensleeves Homes Trust manage residential care homes for older people in seventeen locations in the Midlands, Southern and Eastern England. Greensleeves offers high ... more

Greys Care Group  (2 Care Homes)

Greys Care Group own two comfortable Surrey care accommodations that are ideal for daily needs, staffed by experienced professionals and up-to-date with the latest care sector ... more

Guild Care  (3 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Guild Care provides a wide range of services for older people and carers particularly in the Worthing, Arun and Adur areas of West Sussex. Our services for include care ... more

HC-One Ltd  (225 Care Homes)

HC-One Ltd is built on the principles of involvement, accountability and partnership. Owners want HC-One homes to be the kindest homes in the UK with the kindest and ... more

Habilis Operations Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Habilis Operations Ltd specialise in a versatile range of residential care packages, including professional nursing and respite. Their accommodations are purpose-built and ... more

Mr & Mrs G Haddow  (2 Care Homes)

Mr & Mrs G Haddow run two Bexhill-on-Sea care homes, both of which employ skilled carers who take pride in living up to the fine reputation the facilities have built-up within ... more

Hadrian Healthcare Group  (9 Care Homes)

Hadrian Healthcare Group have built up a strong reputation for care within luxury style accommodations, employing skilled and experienced caregivers who adhere to person-centred ... more

Halcyon Care Group  (9 Care Homes)

Halcyon Care Group provides a wide range of care expertise, ideal for long-term residential care and specialist nursing, as well as being able to offer dementia care. All ... more

Hale Place Care Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Hale Place Care Solutions offers a versatile range of care services to support adults and older people with their care needs. Hale Place support services include specialised ... more

Kevin Hall  (2 Care Homes)

Kevin Hall operates two Wigan care homes, being well-respected in the local area for a quality care service that is up-to-date with modern developments while supporting the ... more

Hallmark Care Homes  (20 Care Homes)

Hallmark Care Homes is a multi-award winning care provider with care homes across England and Wales. Dedicated team members are chosen for their compassionate natures ... more

Handsale Ltd  (8 Care Homes)

Founded in 1988, Handsale Ltd has significant experience in providing healthcare and currently operates eight care homes, all of which are located in the United Kingdom. ... more

Harbour Healthcare Ltd  (7 Care Homes)

Harbour Healthcare Ltd are skilled in a wide range of care provision, including nursing, dementia and end of life care, while focusing on assisted living and also helping ... more

Hartford Care Ltd  (10 Care Homes)

Hartford Care Ltd is part of a family owned business, established over a century ago. A relatively small group, of just eight homes and taking great pride in offering the ... more

Healthcare Homes Group Ltd  (23 Care Homes)

Healthcare Homes provides accommodation offering care and support appropriate to the needs of each individual, in a friendly, warm and supportive atmosphere. Residents ... more

Heathcotes Group  (23 Care Homes)

The Heathcotes Group is a provider of care for adults with learning disabilities and older people throughout the East Midlands and Yorkshire offering quality accommodation ... more

Heatherwood Nursing Home Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Heatherwood Nursing Home Ltd operate one Purley and one Croydon facility, both of which are homely environments that are pleasant for daily living, while suiting the practice ... more

Helen McArdle Care  (17 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Helen McArdle Care is a family owned business providing high quality care for the elderly throughout the North East of England. The group has over 20 years experience and ... more

Herefordshire Care Homes  (5 Care Homes)

Karen Rogers, the homes’ owner, holds a Masters Degree in the management of health & Social Care services from the University of Birmingham. Prior to owning Herefordshire ... more

Heritage Care  (17 Care Homes, 6 Extra Care Housing)

Heritage Care are skilled in an extensive range of care provision, all based around promoting independence and choice at the same time as taking on board any healthcare concerns ... more

Heritage Care Homes Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Heritage Care Homes Ltd operate three Luton care homes and are highly-regarded in the town for the positive contribution to the lives of older and vulnerable adults. Stylish ... more

Heritage Manor Ltd  (5 Care Homes, 2 Extra Care Housing)

Heritage Manor Ltd specialises in versatile retirement solutions, from comfortable residential care environment in which residents are empowered to make the most of their ... more

Hermes Care  (7 Care Homes)

Hermes Care operate a number of homely and specialist care facilities, that work hard to give their surrounding communities the care support they need, through personalised ... more

Hesley Group  (5 Care Homes)

Bespoke services for people with learning difficulties, challenging behaviours and complex needs. These include long-term residential care and education, respite and short ... more

Hestia Care Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Hestia Care Ltd operate three care homes, two in Whitchurch and one in Fleet, all of which boast comfortable and homely interiors that suit flexible lifestyles, while being ... more

Hicare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Hicare Ltd have two homely and non-institutional care accommodations, that have been set up to be ideal for the needs of people with physical or mental disabilities, as well ... more

Highlands Care Home Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Highlands Care Home Ltd is a care provider that focuses on self-determination, throughout care services carried out by dedicated professionals and with a philosophy of respect ... more

Hill Care  (19 Care Homes)

Hill Care are a respected North of England care home provider, delivering a service that is based around a combination of privacy, dignity and independence. The provider ... more

Holdcare Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Holdcare Ltd own two Dunstable and one Leighton Buzzard care homes that have been designed to achieve versatile care services, for temporary and long-term need, including ... more

Homecroft (Four Oaks) Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Homecroft (Four Oaks) Ltd operate two Sutton Coldfield residences that are organised to cater for all older people's care needs, including dementia and palliative care. Care ... more

Hornby Healthcare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Hornby Healthcare focus on respect and dignity for residents throughout all their operations, committed to engaging environments in which carers are able to achieve high ... more

Hudson Healthcare  (3 Care Homes)

Hudson Healthcare is a family-run group, run by a team of professionals who pride themselves on being approachable and work alongside families to achieve personalised care ... more

Sunny Humphreys  (4 Care Homes)

Sunny O Humphreys own four North East care homes that are all dedicated to achieving high standards of elderly and mental health care, within comfortable and homely environment ... more

Hythe Care Homes Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Hythe Care Homes Ltd run three Kent accommodations that are dedicated to providing clients with a range of tailored nursing packages, within homely interiors and scenic surroundings, ... more

Ideal Care Homes  (36 Care Homes)

Ideal Care Homes strive for modern forms of personalised care, promoting the independence of residents while providing efficient and professional care that suits their particular ... more

Inchmarlo Retirement Community Village  (1 Care Home, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Inchmarlo Retirement Community Village - seeing individual listings for details of the services.

Institute of Our Lady of Mercy  (7 Care Homes)

The Institute of Our Lady of Mercy provides high quality care for residents in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Integrated Care Services  (2 Care Homes)

Integrated Care Services are committed to compassionate care services for adults with a learning disability. Skilled carers make the most of versatile environments in order ... more

JSAI Country Home Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

JSAI Country Home Ltd own four homely residential care accommodations in the South of England, all of which are dedicated to effective care services that respect the needs ... more

Janes Care Homes  (5 Care Homes)

Janes Care Homes operate five professional and homely facilities, three located in Dunstable, one in Huntingdon, and one in Leighton Buzzard. Services are appropriate for ... more

Mrs Y N Kassam and Ms Neemat Kassam  (4 Care Homes)

Mrs YN Kassam and Ms Neesmat Kassam operate four care facilities, all of which are staffed by skilled professionals and are committed to the highest standards. Residents ... more

T M Kelly  (2 Care Homes)

TM Kelly operate two care facilities, in Rochester and Royston, both of which offer spacious and homely interiors, excellent for day-to-day living together with the practice ... more

Kew Care Group  (5 Care Homes)

Kew Care Group is a care provider that supports residents in pursuing personal freedoms within their own environments, offering many events and activities alongside access ... more

Key Healthcare (Operations) Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Key Healthcare (Operations) Ltd is committed to versatile residential environments and care packages, incorporating a wide range of expertise in order to target a satisfying ... more

Keychange Care  (11 Care Homes)

Keychange Care have a range of care facilities that look to combine homely comforts with quality care, hygiene and sound nutrition. Located largely in the South of England, ... more

Kidderminster Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Kidderminster Care Ltd operate three homely facilities, with the one accommodation in Kidderminster and two more in Walsall and Birmingham. All the homes are equipped for ... more

Kilmorey Care Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Kilmorey Care Ltd have a number of charming and specialist care homes, ideal for older people's care but also being respected for an approach to convalescent needs, psychology ... more

Kingsley Healthcare Ltd  (23 Care Homes)

Kingsley Healthcare Ltd operate a range of stylish and charming care homes, which specialise in a depth of personalised care packages to suit individual healthcare needs ... more

Kisimul Group Ltd  (8 Care Homes)

The Kisimul Group runs homes for adults with autism and severe learning disabilities, with more houses being developed. Adult provisions are residential care homes registered ... more

LRH - Homes  (14 Care Homes)

LRH-Homesl mission is to strive for excellence in providing an ethically sound, individualised, highest quality of nursing care for older people in a homely environment with ... more

Lakeland Care Group  (3 Care Homes)

Lakeland Care Services is a Cumbrian care provider that now owns three modern and refurbished care facilities - Chichester Hall, Hames Hall and Holmewood - two of which are ... more

Lakeview Rest Homes Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Just over 22 years ago Mrs Rose Marie Wood was looking to get into the Care Industry. Her hope was to open her own Care Home; somewhere that would provide a haven for the ... more

Langland Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Langland Care LTD is delighted to have been awarded the Welsh Food Hygiene Award 'Silver Standard'. In order to achieve this accreditation the premises was deemed to have ... more

Larchwood Care  (74 Care Homes)

Larchwood Care have an extensive range of care homes, with an excellent reputation in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & South Wales. All of the provider's facilities ... more

Larchwood Care Northern Ireland  (7 Care Homes)

Larchwood Care Northern Ireland's homes offer comfortable environments for many specialist care needs, employing skilled professionals and adopting a tailored approach to ... more

Larkfield Care Home Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Larkfield Care Home Ltd are registered as owning two care accommodations, one in Colwyn Bay and one in Abergele, both of which carry out personalised care in homely and scenic ... more

Lawrence Care Ltd  (1 Care Home, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Lawrence Care Ltd operate the charming Maids Moreton Hall care home, in Buckingham, as well as its accompanying day care centre. The facility is located within scenic surroundings ... more

Leaders of Worship & Preachers Homes (LWPHomes)  (4 Care Homes)

The Leaders of Worship and Preachers Homes (LWPHomes) is a charitable organisation, formed in 2005, as the result of wide-ranging consultation, to assist preachers and leaders ... more

Leafoak Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Leafoak Ltd are well-respected in Ipswich for the high quality residential care available for older people with care needs, in environments that are ideal for physical frailties ... more

Leeson Care Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Lesson Care Homes Ltd run two comfortable and homely facilities that are ideal for a relaxing retirement and the practice of skilled care. The home are located in Wimborne ... more

Leicestershire County Care Ltd  (9 Care Homes)

Leicestershire County Care Ltd are extremely proud to be recognised by fellow professionals as a leading provider of senior living healthcare across the East Midlands. They ... more

Leyton Healthcare Group  (31 Care Homes)

Leyton Healthcare maintain a versatile range of care services, in modern facilities that have shown adaptabiliity and appropriate care for nursing, residential and also dementia ... more

Lighthouse Healthcare  (5 Care Homes, 6 Mental Health Hospitals)

Lighthouse Healthcare understand the challenges faced by adults with a wide range of mental health issues, including learning disabilities, personality disorders and autism. ... more

The Lilian Faithfull Homes  (4 Care Homes)

Lilian Faithfull Homes have been providing accommodation and care for older people in Cheltenham for over 65 years. The Nursing Home and three Residential Homes provide excellent ... more

Lime Trees Care Group  (2 Care Homes)

Lime Trees Care offers people the chance to live supported in small, well staffed homes. Carers provide individual care and support programmes based on assessed needs. With ... more

Linc-Cymru Housing Association Ltd  (2 Care Homes, 7 Extra Care Housing)

Linc-Cymru Housing Association Ltd are experienced in a number of care and housing solutions, including purpose-built nursing homes and supported housing schemes. The company's ... more

London & Manchester Healthcare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

London & Manchester Healthcare Ltd's purpose-built care homes are all dedicated to the highest standards, welcoming older people's care and nursing needs, at the same time ... more

Lower Green Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Lower Green Ltd operate two care homes, located in Chippenham and Kings Langley, both of which offer skilled nursing in charming and stylish interiors with pleasant surroundings. ... more

MG Homes  (2 Care Homes)

MG Homes are a respected care provider within the Tunbridge Wells community, running a service based on tailoring care to the needs of the individual in homes that achieve ... more

M H A / Methodist Homes  (89 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 59 Extra Care Housing)

M H A / Methodist Homes is an older people's charity respected throughout the UK for the number of quality residential and extra care services its work has made possible. The ... more

M H C  (22 Care Homes, 4 Mental Health Hospitals)

MHC is a leading independent provider of specialist mental health and learning disability services throughout North Wales and North West England MHC has more than 25 years' ... more

M & J Care Homes Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

M & J Care Homes Ltd run three homely and comfortable care accommodations, all of which are fully staffed and resourced to achieve personalised care packages, helping older ... more

MPS Care Group  (14 Care Homes)

M P S Care Ltd run fourteen care facilities, all of which have a modern approach to care for residents with old age related care needs, while specialist nursing expertise ... more

Magna Care Group Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Magna Care Group Ltd have several care homes in the Birmingham area, all of which offer homely environments in which the motto is that 'caring comes first'. Together with ... more

Majesticare  (16 Care Homes)

Majesticare offer luxury care to their residents and provide accommodation in 16 care and nursing homes located across the country. All Majesticare's homes put Residents' ... more

Manor Care Home Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Manor Care Home Ltd operate three care homes, all of which are committed to high standards of nursing and personalised care packages, within homely and versatile living environments. ... more

Manucourt Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Manucourt Ltd run two care home facilities, located in Romsey and New Milton, both of which are comfortable and well-equipped to offer personalised care in a pleasant atmosphere. ... more

Marantomark Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Marantomark Ltd run two care homes that specialise in helping individuals with disabilities and impairments, based in Oldham and Warrington. All carers are experienced ... more

Margaret Rose Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Margaret Rose Care Ltd strive for a caring atmosphere where age and fun are truly compatible. Personal care needs are met by a dedicated team of professionals, pursuing an ... more

Maria Mallaband Care Group Ltd  (31 Care Homes)

The Maria Mallaband Care Group was founded in 1996, and has since developed into one of the UK's leading care home operators and providers of retirement apartments and bungalows. The ... more

Maricare Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Maricare Ltd operate two residential care accommodations, one in Chipping Norton and one in Dorchester. Both of the facilities welcome both long and short-term care needs, ... more

Marina United Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Marina United Ltd own two Swansea care homes, both of which are ideal for long-term care, a relaxed and secure lifestyle, at the same time as incorporating extensive care ... more

Martha Trust  (2 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

With two homes in Deal and one in Hastings, Martha Trust run residential and Day Care facilities for 37 people. There are hydrotherapy pools at both sites as well as a wide ... more

Medicrest Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Medicrest Ltd have a care portfolio of three homely facilities, located in Horsham and Kenley, that offer a variety of care packages to suit the personal care needs of their ... more

Melba Lodge Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Melba Lodge Ltd is a care group that works to the principle of service users' rights being central to all provision, being committed to quality care, individual well-being ... more

Mentaur Ltd  (10 Care Homes, 2 Adult Day Care Centres)

Mentaur Ltd operates a number of specialist services that focus on the challenges individuals with mental health disorders face, together with learning disabilities, autism ... more

Meridian Healthcare Ltd  (30 Care Homes)

Meridian Healthcare provides care in a choice of high quality, caring environments. Care is available in long-term residential care, nursing care and respite care. Meridian ... more

Midlands Care  (3 Care Homes, 2 Adult Day Care Centres)

Midlands Care is a trading name of St Martins Residential Homes Ltd which is a family-run group of care homes in the Midlands, providing high quality care for the elderly ... more

Milestones Trust  (41 Care Homes, 3 Extra Care Housing)

Milestones Trust, formerly Aspects and Milestones Trust, is a Top 300 registered charity which runs a wide range of health and social care services to support people with ... more

Milford Care  (6 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Milford Care is an award-winning care home provider with services based in the East Midlands, dedicated to personalised care packages that support the long-term well-being ... more

Milkwood Care Ltd  (6 Care Homes)

Moving into residential or nursing care is a big step. Whatever the circumstances, it represents a major life change, not only for the person concerned, but also for family ... more

Millennium Care Group  (4 Care Homes)

Ghulam Haider has four delightful care homes, with comfortable interiors and located in scenic surroundings, three of which are in Wigan, the other in Chorley. Many specialist ... more

Minster Care Group  (30 Care Homes)

Minster Care Group have an impressive care home sector presence in the Midlands and the North of England, with homes also in Wales and Cornwall, experienced in the challenges ... more

Mission Care  (5 Care Homes)

Mission Care (formerly the Bermondsey Medical Mission) is a Christian charity that has served communities in South East London for over one hundred years. Their first care ... more

Montreux Living  (6 Care Homes)

Montreux Living are an experienced care provider that is dedicated to homely and friendly living environments, in which residents can enjoy personalised care packages while ... more

Morris Care Ltd  (7 Care Homes)

Morris Care is dedicated to providing professional, sensitive nursing care which respects and promotes the dignity, privacy and independence of residents. Morris Care ... more

Mr & Mrs P Morris  (2 Care Homes)

Mr & Mrs P Morris run one Bury and one Leeds care home, both of which employ highly-skilled teams that take a personalised approach to the care challenges faced. While being ... more

Mr & Mrs Z F Moussavi  (2 Care Homes)

Mr & Mrs Z F Moussavi own two Lyndhurst care homes in Hove, one offering residential care for up to thirty-seven individuals with elderly care needs, the other a smaller ... more

N Notaro Homes Ltd  (10 Care Homes)

N Notaro Homes Limited was founded in 1984 by Managing Director, Mr Nunzio Notaro. The company is extremely proud to be recognised by professionals to be a leading provider ... more

Nazareth Care Charitable Trust  (15 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

The Nazareth Care Regional Office oversees the operations of more than a dozen care accommodations that have been set up by the Sister of Nazareth, furthering the contribution ... more

Nellsar  (13 Care Homes)

Nellsar Ltd are experienced in offering professional residential and nursing packages, with staff and facilities able to take on a number of complex needs, including respite ... more

New Century Care  (27 Care Homes)

New Century Care Ltd are guided by two major principles: that care is led by professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to be effective; and that residents ... more

Newbloom Healthcare  (5 Care Homes)

Newbloom Healthcare looks to achieve quality care and a personal service at all times, with a friendly approach that is up-to-date with modern care developments. The aim ... more

Newton Chinneck Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

St Georges Care Homes are owned by Newton Chinneck Ltd, a family business that operates three care homes in the Home Counties. A team of experienced Directors maintain a ... more

Nicholas James Care Homes Ltd  (12 Care Homes)

Nicholas James Care Homes is a group experienced in both residential and non-residential settings, with a care ethos that is based upon respecting the individuality of each ... more

Nightingale Retirement Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

At Nightingale Retirement Care Ltd professionals understand that choosing care is never easy which is why your first two visits are free of charge. Having got to know the ... more

Norse Care (Services) Ltd  (23 Care Homes, 14 Extra Care Housing)

Norse Care (Services) Ltd are an experienced provider of residential care and housing with care services, highly respected throughout Norfolk communities for the high standard ... more

Oaklands Care Centre Ltd t/a Bayfield Court Ltd  (1 Care Home, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Oaklands Care Centre run a luxury care home in Chingford, an ideal place for older people to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, while carers are also qualified to carry out ... more

The Oaks Residential Care Home  (2 Care Homes)

The Oaks Residential Care Home is in Upminster, while Glendale, is located in Dunmow, both of which are under the same ownership and specialise in versatile care packages, ... more

Oakview Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Oakview Care Ltd have three care homes that are set up to provide care and lifestyle solutions for adults with mental health issues, including challenging behaviours and ... more

Ocean Community Services Ltd  (13 Care Homes)

Ocean Community Services (OCS) are a specialist residential service, part of the Ludlow Street Healthcare Group family, a well-established and experienced healthcare organisation ... more

Vijay Odedra and Partners  (2 Care Homes)

Vijay Odedra and Partners operate two Wolverhampton care homes that focus on help for older people with frailties and age-related care needs, as well assisting those diagnosed ... more

Optima Care Partnership  (3 Care Homes)

Optima Care Partnership has been providing quality care since 1985. It is a family run business which was started in Bedminster, Bristol. Over the years Optima Care has expanded ... more

Optimum Care (UK) Ltd  (2 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Optimum Care (UK) Ltd take pride in offering versatile and bespoke care services, having built up a strong reputation in Derby and committed to making the most of care training ... more

Orchard Care Homes  (29 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Since 1984, Orchard Care Homes have provided award-winning purpose-built care accommodation, allowing older people to enjoy the very best. Those who felt isolated in their ... more

Orchard Care (South West) Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Orchard Care (South West) Ltd take pride a maintaining care services that offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, at the same time as achieving high standards that are ... more

The Orders of St John Care Trust  (70 Care Homes, 12 Adult Day Care Centres, 7 Extra Care Housing)

The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) was established in 1991 as a not for profit charitable trust. It is the second largest not for profit care provider in the UK, currently ... more

Outreach 3 Way  (3 Care Homes)

Outreach 3 Way operate a number of services for adults with a learning disability, including residential care, supported living and day services, with the aim of helping ... more

P & C Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

P & C Care Ltd own two nursing homes, Ivy House in Shipley and The Mount in Bradford, both of which offer versatile care packages for older and vulnerable people, including ... more

P J Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

P J Care Ltd are an award winning and leading independent provider of Specialist Nursing Care and Neuro-Rehabilitation for people with physical illnesses, restricted mobility ... more

P J P Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

P J P Care Ltd own two care homes, one in St Leonards-on-Sea, one in Eastbourne, both being set in scenic surroundings and being ideal for a relaxing retirement and meeting ... more

PSP Healthcare Ltd  (6 Care Homes, 3 Adult Day Care Centres, 2 Extra Care Housing)

PSP Healthcare operates both nursing and care homes for the elderly located across the South West. The group is in the process of a £30m development programme to construct ... more

Pacific Care Ltd  (5 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Pacific Care Ltd operate four homely residential care accommodations, three of them in Glasgow and one in Paisley, all of which look to combine the benefits of excellent ... more

Mr & Mrs M C Palmer  (2 Care Homes)

Mr & Mrs M C Palmer are experienced in operating their two nursing homes, both of which incorporating an extensive level of care expertise while supporting a positive and ... more

Palms Row Health Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

At Palms Row you will be treated both as a member of the family and a valued customer. The Palms Row team work closely with their residents, with loved ones, and the regulatory ... more

Park Homes UK Ltd  (6 Care Homes)

Park Homes UK Ltd make a promise to their clients that they will be treated with dignity and respect, through the practice of personalised care, with the aim of helping them ... more

Park Lane Healthcare  (6 Care Homes)

Park Lane Healthcare look to combine family-run values with modern methods of care, within luxury environments that have been established to support independence and dignity. ... more

Parkside Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Parkside Care Ltd operate three residential care homes for the elderly in North Shields, Gateshead and Sunderland. Each of them is unique and individually designed to make ... more

Parkside Residential Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Parkside Residential Homes Ltd have one Selby and one Leeds facility, which are ideal for varying needs, providing professional care in comfortable and comprehensive living ... more

Pathway Healthcare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Pathway Healthcare Ltd provide friendly and skilled care teams who are able to make the most of living environments designed to suit adults with a learning disability, with ... more

Pearl Healthcare Ltd  (7 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Pearl Healthcare Ltd take pride in maintaining care homes that allow clients to achieve a contented lifestyle with good mental well-being, combining the values of a friendly ... more

Pembroke Nursing Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Pembroke Nursing Homes Ltd run two Colwyn Bay facilities that take a friendly and dedicated approach to care needs, looking to be versatile towards lifestyle and choice, ... more

Peninsula Care Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Peninsula Care Homes is a family run Devon based company committed to be ‘First for quality care in the South West’. All five homes offer homely environments with excellent ... more

Peterborough Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Peterborough Care has been a family run company since 1984, dedicated to caring for elderly residential and nursing clients within the Peterborough community. Taking pride ... more

Peverel Court Care  (3 Care Homes)

Peverel Court Care run three Care homes based in Stone in Buckinghamshire and Witney in Oxfordshire. The group's ethos is to provide high quality care with dignity, respect, ... more

Platinum Care Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Platinum Care Homes Ltd's two care homes are located in Staines and Doncaster, both of which specialise in personalised care for older people, as well as being highly-suited ... more

Plenus Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Training is taken very seriously by Plenus Care and all of their staff are provided with continuous training. Assessment is undertaken throughout the year, internally and ... more

Portelet Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Portelet Care Ltd owns Portelet House and Portelet Lodge Rest Homes in Bournemouth, Dorset. Both homes specialise in providing care for residents with all levels of dementia ... more

Porthaven Care Homes  (7 Care Homes)

Porthaven Care Homes LLP operate six bespoke care homes, located in Congleton, Aylesbury and Macclesfield, Stokenchurch, Bradford On Avon and Buxton, all of which specialise ... more

Precious Homes Ltd  (6 Care Homes)

Precious Homes Ltd focus on care that empowers adults to take control over their own lives, encourages choice and confidence at the same time as safeguarding any health or ... more

Presbyterian Board of Social Witness  (9 Care Homes)

The Presbyterian Board of Social Witness run a range of care homes, as part of their commitment to helping older, frail and vulnerable members of the community with any care ... more

Pressbeau Ltd  (7 Care Homes)

For the past 20 years Pressbeau have provided for the needs of the elderly with the philosophy of running a family home. As a family doctor, the owner is concerned that ... more

Prime Care Group  (3 Care Homes)

Prime Care Group run three nursing homes, based in Streatham, Sutton and South Croydon, that are located in pleasant residential areas and offer comfortable interiors for ... more

Prime Life Ltd  (53 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Prime Life Ltd are a respected UK care home provider, combining the benefits of comfortable and homely accommodations with care packages that are expertly tailored to meet ... more

Priority Care Group  (6 Care Homes)

Priority Care Group owns six care homes that focus upon championing the independence and personal choice of residents, while giving them permanent access to the talents of ... more

Quality Care Group  (5 Care Homes)

Quality Care Group have made the most of a number of homely properties to achieve professional care and provide clients with a comfortable retirement. Experienced carers ... more

Quantum Care Ltd  (26 Care Homes)

Quantum Care aim to make a difference to the lives of older people and their family and friends. They provide a wide range of services for more than 2,000 older people, and ... more

Queensgate Healthcare  (1 Care Home, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Queensgate Healthcare own Groveland Park Care Home in Bexleyheath, which welcomes a wide range of personal care requirements, employing staff who are trained in the challenges ... more

Quinton House Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Quinton House Ltd in Stratford-upon-Avon operate two care residences that take pride in their local reputation and deliver care solutions that are focused on the individual. ... more

R M D Enterprises Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

R M D Enterprises Ltd operate three homely facilities, located in Harrow, Watford and Welwyn Garden City, all of which are fully equipped and staffed to deliver quality care ... more

Radiant Homes  (2 Care Homes)

Radiant Homes run care homes that are committed to the well-being and dignity of each resident at all times. All clients are fully assessed as to their needs and dependency, ... more

Raveedha Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Raveedha Care Ltd run two registered care homes, one in Haverhill and one in Cambridge, both of which offer comfortable and stylish surroundings that support a comfortable ... more

Red Homes Healthcare Group  (3 Care Homes)

Red Homes Healthcare Group have over 25 years of managing residential and nursing facilities, combining quality and personalised care with the benefits of active and interesting ... more

Regal Care Trading Ltd  (17 Care Homes, 16 Adult Day Care Centres)

With nearly 20 years of providing exceptional care, Regal Care Homes are now one of the market leaders here in the UK. They care deeply about residents and you’ll find when ... more

The Regard Partnership  (50 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 1 Extra Care Housing)

The Regard Partnership operates over 120 care homes and supported living services in England and Wales for people with learning difficulties, mental health problems or acquired ... more

Regency Healthcare  (6 Care Homes)

Regency Healthcare own six Nursing & Residential Care Homes in North West Region and have been Managing & Operating Care Homes for a number of years. They provide following ... more

Restful Homes Group  (12 Care Homes)

Restful Homes Group has a growing portfolio of care homes, mostly located in the Midlands, thanks to a successfully run family business now nearing its twentieth anniversary. ... more

Retirement Villages Ltd  (11 Care Homes, 15 Extra Care Housing)

As the pioneers of the retirement village concept, this group build and maintain some of the UK’s top award-winning communities for the 55-plus age group. Retirement Villages ... more

Rhymecare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Rhymecare Ltd run two pleasant care accommodations, both situated in scenic grounds and suiting a relaxing retirement. Skilled care teams can take on a wide range of nursing ... more

Richardson Partnership for Care  (4 Care Homes)

For over 20 years Richardson Partnership for Care has been focusing on enabling service users to maximise their potential and improve their quality of life. Experience in ... more

Richmond upon Thames Churches Housing Trust Ltd  (3 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Richmond upon Thames Churches Housing Trust own three purpose-built care homes in the boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond, that aspire to top quality care standards of elderly ... more

Richmond Villages  (5 Care Homes, 5 Extra Care Housing)

Over the last ten years, Richmond Villages has created a number of highly successful Care Communities around the country with more in the pipeline. Their purpose-built ... more

RochCare (UK) Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

RochCare (UK) Ltd are dedicated to quality environments for older people's care, promising a sensitive and compassionate service based on dignity, respect, privacy and independence. ... more

Roche Healthcare Ltd  (7 Care Homes)

Roche Healthcare Ltd are well-respected in North and West Yorkshire for their comfortable care homes, offering friendly atmospheres in which residents have their personal ... more

Roseville Care Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Roseville Care Homes Ltd is a privately owned care home group providing high quality care to residents throughout every care home. Each home is individually styled to ... more

Royal Bay Care Homes Ltd  (8 Care Homes, 3 Extra Care Housing)

Royal Bay Care Homes offers residential care that is suited to each individual, and aims to provide the highest standards of care and surroundings to older people. The ... more

Royal Blind  (2 Care Homes)

Royal Blind is a charity based in Edinburgh that provides services to blind and visually impaired people. They run two care homes. Braeside House is for elderly people with ... more

Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution  (18 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 2 Extra Care Housing)

The RMBI has been caring for older Freemasons and their dependants for over 160 years. They operate 17 care Homes across England and Wales offering a range of high quality ... more

Runwood Homes Ltd  (59 Care Homes, 14 Adult Day Care Centres)

Runwood is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.K Healthcare sector. As they continue to move forward and grow the company will maintain and build upon the high ... more

Safe Harbor  (5 Care Homes)

Safe Harbor are a Midlands-based care provider that has built up a sound reputation for caring environments, quality provision and versatile care delivery. All staff and ... more

Safequarter Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Safequarter Ltd maintain comfortable and charming care residences, located in scenic surroundings and ideal for a relaxing retirement at the same time as providing professional ... more

Sahara Homes Ltd  (4 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Sahara Homes is a professional care homes provider, delivering high quality assisted living since 1997. Four care homes have now been opened in the East London area with ... more

St Brelades Retirement Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

St Brelades Retirement Homes Ltd operate two Herne Bay care facilities, both of which are committed to high standards of personalised care, while specialising in solutions ... more

St Cloud Care plc  (5 Care Homes)

St Cloud Care plc operate a number of charming care residences located in scenic surroundings, all focused on quality care services in a friendly and supportive environment. ... more

St Monica Trust  (3 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 7 Extra Care Housing)

St Monica Trust are respected for an extensive range of services focused on protecting the well-being of older people. The provider's homes work closely with their local ... more

St Philips Care Group  (28 Care Homes)

St Philips Care Group is the leading independent care home provider in the UK. They are firmly committed to providing the highest quality and standards to you or your loved ... more

The Salvation Army  (16 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Notable charity The Salvation Army also operate 16 care homes situated all over the UK, organised to suit a comfortable retirement and make a difference to the lives of older ... more

Sanctuary Care Ltd  (83 Care Homes, 22 Extra Care Housing)

Sanctuary Care was established in 1995 to provide older people with high quality nursing and residential care. Sanctuary has developed and acquired many care homes and ... more

Scimitar Care Hotels plc  (6 Care Homes)

Scimitar Care Hotels plc have over thirty years of experience in achieving luxury care environments that can provide people with sensitive needs with a comfortable and satisfying ... more

Scio Healthcare Ltd  (3 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Scio Healthcare carry out personalised care plans within homely and relaxed environments. Qualified carers are sensitive to the needs of the elderly who might have developing ... more

Mr & Mrs D Scott  (2 Care Homes)

Mr & Mrs D Scott operate two comfortable care homes, located in Crowborough and Weston-super-Mare, that take a friendly and versatile approach to care requirements. Skilled ... more

Sentimental Care Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Sentimental Care Ltd own four care homes that are highly thought of in the communities they are situated, where skilled care teams look to make positive contributions to ... more

Seymour House Residential Care Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Seymour House Residential Care Homes Ltd have two pleasant care accommodations, one located in Rickmansworth and the other in Northwood. Both make a significant impact on ... more

Shankar Leicester Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Shankar Leicester Ltd own two Loughborough care homes, Longcliff Nursing Home and Marwood Residential Home, that are well respected in the surrounding community for the high ... more

Shaw Healthcare  (55 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 2 Extra Care Housing, 2 Mental Health Hospitals)

Shaw healthcare provides a spectrum of care services for vulnerable adults in a variety of settings. Their care is delivered through a combination of skilled, well trained ... more

SheffCare Ltd  (11 Care Homes, 6 Adult Day Care Centres)

SheffCare is a registered charity which provides day care, short-term care, over night care, specialist dementia care and long-term residential care for older people. Aims ... more

Shervey Ltd (Golfhill)  (4 Care Homes)

Shervey Ltd operate three comfortable care homes, all of which are set up to suit a wide range of elderly care needs and staffed with highly-qualified care teams. The services ... more

Signature Senior Lifestyle Ltd  (9 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 3 Extra Care Housing)

Signature Senior Lifestyle Ltd own four care homes, in Kent, Leicester, Sheffield and Surrey which have all been set up to ensure a versatile lifestyle for elderly and vulnerable ... more

Silk Healthcare Ltd  (3 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Silk Healthcare own two care homes, one in Burnley and one in Stockton-on-Tees, that are family-run to achieve a homely feel, as well as being well-resourced to safeguard ... more

Silverdale Care Homes Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Silverdale Care Homes Ltd have three skilled and versatile nursing facilities, located in Manchester, Burnley and Newcastle. The homes are up-to-date with innovative nursing ... more

Sir Josiah Mason Trust  (1 Care Home, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Sir Josiah Mason Trust has a reputation for top quality affordable housing, experienced in assessing the care and lifestyle needs of older people over the long-term. The ... more

Sohal Healthcare Ltd  (9 Care Homes)

Sohal Healthcare owns a number of high quality care homes in the East of England, providing residential care accommodation for elderly people or those with dementia related ... more

South Coast Nursing Homes Ltd  (8 Care Homes)

South Coast Nursing Homes is a family founded, owned and managed company that provides excellent care and comfort for the elderly. The group are committed to high quality ... more

Southend Care Ltd  (7 Care Homes)

Southend Care Ltd's care teams are dedicated to high standards of care, comfort and security, within environments that also support each resident's independence. A dedicated ... more

Southern Healthcare (Wessex) Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Southern Healthcare has four care homes, providing general, nursing and residential care, together with respite, holiday and post operative care. The Homes are predominantly ... more

Sovereign Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Sovereign Care Ltd own three charming residential facilities that are dedicated to person-centred care. Two of the homes are located in Hailsham and the other in Rochester, ... more

Sovereign Management Ltd  (6 Care Homes)

Sovereign Management Ltd operate six care homes in the middle of England, all of them committed to modern and innovative care and nursing within pleasant living environments. ... more

Mr & Mrs D E & J Spanswick-Smith  (2 Care Homes)

Mr & Mrs D E & J Spanswick-Smith own two Middlesex care homes, Abbotsford and Glengariff, both of which focus on personal care packages witin a homely atmosphere, with scenic ... more

Spring View Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Spring Views Care Ltd operate one care home in Alvechurch and another in Tutnall, both of which have charming interiors and scenic grounds. The focus is on quality care in ... more

Springcare Ltd  (14 Care Homes)

We are a group of nursing and residential homes throughout Cheshire, Shropshire and the Wirral. If you are looking for quality caring accommodation and help with the activities ... more

Springfield Health Services  (2 Care Homes)

Springfield Health Services operate two Emsworth nursing homes that have a fine community reputation thanks to their professionalism in achieving versatile and satisfying ... more

Springhill Care Group  (3 Care Homes)

Welcome to Springhill Care - Award winning providers of high quality nursing, residential, rehabilitation, dementia, day care and supported living services for adults in ... more

Stephen Geach English Oak Care Homes  (2 Care Homes)

"My approach when creating English Oak Care Homes was clear: Providing places I'd be happy for my own Mum to live in, places where people receive the respect and have the ... more

Stonehaven Care Group  (8 Care Homes)

Stonehaven (Healthcare) Ltd provide care homes in the Devon and Cornwall area that have trained and kindly carers giving 24 hour care in comfortable and friendly homes. ... more

Stowlangtoft Healthcare LLP  (2 Care Homes)

Stowlangtoft Healthcare LLP offer charming environments for the practice of skilled nursing and residential care, with a focus on a personalised delivery. The homes are located ... more

Strathmore Care  (4 Care Homes)

Strathmore Care are extremely proud to be recognised by fellow professionals as a leading provider of senior living healthcare across Southend-on-Sea. They are committed ... more

Strode Park Foundation for Disabled People  (4 Care Homes)

Strode Park Foundation for Disabled People focus on quality care services that empower adults with a disability, prioritising their long-term well-being and self-esteem. ... more

SummerCare Ltd  (4 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre, 7 Extra Care Housing)

SummerCare Ltd offers a range of care services, including residential care, supported living, day services and self-directed support. Their four coastal accommodations are ... more

Sunflower Healthcare  (5 Care Homes)

Sunflower Healthcare Ltd carry out a range of versatile residential care packages for older people, including for many specialist nursing requirements and also for dementia. ... more

Sunrise Senior Living  (27 Care Homes)

Sunrise Senior Living: positive about seniors and care. Sunrise has been quietly pioneering a revolution in the UK, having over the last few years opened 27 high quality ... more

Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust  (12 Care Homes)

Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is dedicated to working with individuals and communities to support sound physical and mental health, with services that ... more

Sussex Housing & Care (SHC)  (4 Care Homes)

Sussex Housing & Care (SHC) are committed to high quality accommodation, maintaining professional services for older people at a variety of locations across the county. Independence ... more

T L C Group Ltd  (6 Care Homes)

TLC Group was established with the mission to deliver the highest quality or care, providing residents with the benefit of a home from home environment. Professionals ... more

Tall Trees Care Group  (2 Care Homes)

Tall Trees Care Group are registered as owning two homely care accommodations, both of which tailor care and lifestyle support to help with the challenges that adults with ... more

Third Life Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Third Life Care Ltd are an established Glasgow-based provider with four care homes in West Central Scotland. Each home provides a very high standard of living environment ... more

Thistle Healthcare Ltd  (11 Care Homes)

Thistle Healthcare Ltd operate eleven care homes based in west central Scotland, fully-resourced to support older people with daily care needs, while also specialising in ... more

David Thompson  (1 Care Home, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

David Thompson owns the Evergreen facility in the Yardley area of Birmingham, a home that takes pride in its local reputation, welcomes long-term needs and has a sister day ... more

Tracscare  (64 Care Homes)

Tracscare are experienced providers of specialist Residential Care, Nursing Care and Supported Living, for adults aged 18-65 who may have: Learning Disabilities Challenging ... more

Treasure Homes Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Treasure Homes is a care provider that is well-respected in Bristol and Malmesbury, where it owns one nursing home and two residential care facilities with versatile capabilities. ... more

Trilodge Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Trilodge Ltd operate two care homes, one in Sutton and the other in Ashstead, both of which offer homely interiors and scenic grounds that allow for adults with care and ... more

Trust Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Trust Care Ltd is dedicated to care and living environments of the highest standard, that are able to support a relaxing and fulfilling lifestyle, while enabling carers the ... more

Trustees Augustinian Community  (5 Care Homes)

The Trustees Augustinian Community operate several homely and wheelchair-friendly care homes, with a strong focus on both physical and mental health. The company look to ... more

Trustworth  (2 Care Homes)

Trustworth are an established, family owned care home operator providing residential care for the elderly, with a particular focus on nursing and dementia care needs. Their ... more

Tudor Bank Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Tudor Bank Ltd care homes provide accommodation for older people whose physical infirmity prevents them remaining at home, but who still enjoy their memories and can appreciate ... more

Twinglobe Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Twinglobe Care Homes Ltd tailor their care environments to suit high standards of care alongside community living. A depth of care knowledge has gone towards getting the ... more

United Care (North) Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

United Care ensures high quality care is provided throughout all its care homes, which have been decorated and furnished to a high standard. All homes are run with traditional ... more

Unity Homes Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Unity Homes Ltd is family-owned, having been formed to offer friendly and comfortable environments for adults with care needs, that loved ones will enjoy visiting and feel ... more

Veecare Ltd  (4 Care Homes)

Veecare Ltd own four residential homes that are pleasantly situated and well-furnished to allow occupants to achieve a satisfying and comfortable retirement, with 24-hour ... more

Vestacare Ltd  (1 Care Home, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

The aim of Vestacare is to take an innovative approach towards support for adults with a learning disability, with staff skilled in challenging behaviours and both physical ... more

Victoria Nursing Homes  (5 Care Homes)

Victoria Nursing Homes are very proud of the care they offer. When a new resident moves into one of their homes, professionals make it their business to get to know them ... more

Vijay Enterprises Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Vijay Enterprises Ltd run two care facilities, designed to support person-centred and modern sector methods, alongside an active and independent lifestyle. The homes are ... more

Vision UK Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Vision UK Ltd own two Exeter care facilities, both of which offer a relaxing atmosphere with pleasing scenery that makes for a satisfying stay or retirement. The company ... more

Vitalise  (3 Care Homes)

Vitalise has a strong reputation thanks to its respite care service, providing help for adults with physical disabilities and their carers thanks to the help of a number ... more

WCS Care Group Ltd  (12 Care Homes)

WCS is an independent care provider who is passionate about the people they care for. They have been providing affordable, high quality care to people in Warwickshire for ... more

Walton Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Walton Care Ltd is committed to healthy, safe and stimulating environments in which professional and personalised care can be practised to excellent standards. All staff ... more

Warrington Homes Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Warrington Homes Ltd run two Corsham care homes, purposely designed to suit quality care for older people as a non-profit making company and registered charity. The environments ... more

Wellbeing Care Group  (3 Care Homes)

Since 2005 Wellbeing Care Group have provided award-winning care allowing older people to enjoy the very best. Those who felt isolated in their own home gain companionship; ... more

Wellburn Care Homes Ltd  (14 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

Wellburn Care Homes understands that the care you expect for your loved one is of paramount importance and as a family-run company based in Northumberland they strive to ... more

Wells Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Wells Care are a family business with over 25 years' experience of managing and operating nursing homes for the elderly. The business began in Hove in 1976 and has progressively ... more

Wessex Care Ltd  (5 Care Homes)

Wessex Care Ltd own five Salisbury care homes and take pride in meeting the high standards that have earned its excellent local reputation, being a friendly and family-run ... more

Western Healthcare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Western Healthcare Ltd own two Petersfield care homes that welcome a range of personal needs, including both physical and mental health concerns. Care packages are set up ... more

Westgate Healthcare Ltd  (7 Care Homes)

Westgate Healthcare is a family run business that operates care homes in the regions of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. They have over nineteen years of experience in ... more

Weston Super-Care Group  (3 Care Homes)

Weston Super-Care Group operate three residential homes that, through a friendly approach from professional employees, have been successful in building up a strong reputation ... more

Westward Care Ltd  (3 Care Homes, 1 Extra Care Housing)

Westward Care Ltd provide luxury respite care packages, within environments that are pleasant to visit, support a wide range of activities, and staffed by experienced carers ... more

The Wilverley Association  (2 Care Homes, 1 Adult Day Care Centre)

A registered Charity established in 1964, The Wilverley Association comprises of two homes: Forest Oaks, Brockenhurst and Little Haven, Dibden Purlieu. From the more ... more

Windmill Care Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Windmill Care Ltd operate a service that embraces the challenges faced by the community's elderly members, offering a relaxing interiors and comfortable bedrooms in which ... more

Witton Care Group  (2 Care Homes)

Witton Care Group own two care homes, one in Grimsby and one in Stockton-on-Tees, both of which consist of comfortable and flexible living environments with en-suite bedrooms, ... more

Woodgate Healthcare  (5 Care Homes)

Woodgate Healthcare's care homes are located in the South of England and focused on providing the appropriate staffing and facilities for a wide range of care needs. Flexible ... more

Woodlands & Hillbrow Ltd  (3 Care Homes)

Woodlands & Hillbrow Ltd are two care homes that specialise in personal care plans tailored towards individual requirements, while supporting active lifestyles and offering ... more

Yara Enterprises Ltd t/a St Margarets Residential Home  (2 Care Homes)

Yara Enterprises Ltd t/a St Margarets Residential Home operate two care accommodations, one in Brighton and one in Sidcup, both dedicated to long-term care provision for ... more

Your Health Ltd  (9 Care Homes)

Your Health Limited owns several nursing and residential homes in England. The provider believes in offering the best possible care to service users and have set high standards ... more

Yourcare Ltd  (2 Care Homes)

Yourcare Ltd looks to provide residential care services that are recognised for the quality of their care provision, as well as achieving a satisfying environment in which ... more

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