Sunrise of Fleet, Fleet, Hampshire
Sunrise of Fleet, Fleet, Hampshire
Sunrise of Fleet, Fleet, Hampshire

Sunrise of Fleet: Providing high-quality personalised residential care to residents and families throughout Hampshire. Sunrise of Fleet enjoys a quiet spot not far from the high street and moments away from the life of the town. With wide, easy-to-negotiate pavements and an abundance of coffee shops and restaurants, Fleet offers the perfect setting. Luxurious surroundings combine with expert care, a delicious menu of food and daily activities to create an environment that uplifts the mind, body and spirit. With quick access to the M3 and M25 to London and the south, their location makes it easy and convenient for family and friends to visit loved ones.

Group: Sunrise Senior Living

Person in charge: Kara Hooper (Manager)

Local Authority / Social Services: Hampshire County Council (click for contact details)

Type of Service: Care Home only (Residential Care) – Privately Owned , 75 residents

Registered Care Categories*: Dementia • Old Age

Specialist Care Categories: Alzheimer's

Admission Information: Ages 60+.

Languages Spoken by Staff (other than English): Bulgarian, German, Spanish; Castilian, French, Italian, Portuguese

Single Rooms: 55

Shared Rooms: 10

Rooms with ensuite WC: 65

Facilities & Services: Palliative Care • Respite Care • Convalescent Care • Physiotherapy • Separate EMI Unit • Own GP if required • Own Furniture if required • Pets by arrangement • Close to Local shops • Near Public Transport • Minibus or other transport • Lift • Wheelchair access • Gardens for residents • Bar/Cafe on premises • Residents Kitchenette • Phone Point in own room/Mobile • Television point in own room • Residents Internet Access

Latest CQC* Report on Sunrise of Fleet: click here

* Care Quality Commission (CQC) is responsible for the registration and inspection of social care services in England.

Bed Vacancies

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7.1 Sunrise of Fleet has a Review Score of 7.1 (7.127)

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    The Review Score of 7.127 for Sunrise of Fleet is based on 1 Reviews/Recommendations in the last 2 years.

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      The Quantity Score of 3.127 for Sunrise of Fleet is calculated as follows:

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      2. 0.1 x 1 Positive Reviews = 0.100

      3. (1 Positive Reviews ÷ 75 Registered Beds) x 2 = 0.027

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The Overall Average of all the Ratings in the following 

1 Reviews is 4 out of 5

Helpful and usually courteous staff. Meals are well balanced with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Good variety of activities.

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Average Rating: 

 4 out of 5

Overall Standard: Good

Facilities: Good

Care / Support: Good

Cleanliness: Good

Treated with Dignity: Good

Food & Drink: Good

Staff: Good

Activities: Good

Management: Good

Safety / Security: Good

Rooms: Excellent

Value for Money: Satisfactory

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Awards / Recognitions

February 2016

Job Vacancies

Staff Profiles


Kara Hooper

Job Title: General Manager

Joined: 2009


I joined Sunrise of Fleet in January 2009 as a Care Manager. In March 2012 I was given the opportunity to become the Assisted Living Co-ordinator and in November 2014 the General Manager. My passion in life has always been to help others. I feel honoured to be part of such an amazing team who demonstrate love and kindness every day to our residents. I receive job satisfaction every day when I see the love and passion that our team provide for our seniors. Sunrise of Fleet is surrounded by passion, fun and laughter. It’s a joy to come to work!


Louise Smith

Job Title: Reminiscence Coordinator

Joined: 2012


I started at Sunrise as a Care Manager in 2012. I am now proud to say I am the Reminiscence Coordinator here in Fleet. I love to provide our residents with the best person-centred dementia care. My aim is to make sure their days are filled with happiness and love while they are living with dementia. Seeing our residents smiling and enjoying life is evidence of the excellent standard of care we provide


Courtenay Hare

Job Title: Community Relations Associate


I joined Sunrise in December 2014 and loved my role straight from the start. As a CRA, I meet and greet all our new residents to the community whilst also helping with the organisation of events. I work at both the Fleet and Guildford communities which brings even more variety to my role.


Tony Dunne

Job Title: Director of Community Relations

Joined: 2014


My job role involves me meeting prospective new residents and their families. I am proud to be representing Sunrise of Fleet and get immense pleasure from ‘showing off’ our community. I see myself as privileged to be a part of a professional and dedicated team, delivering first class care and maintaining the dignity and individuality of each of our residents. The families and residents I meet on a daily basis realise very quickly the benefits Sunrise of Fleet is able to offer, both in terms of the friendly and sociable environment and the proximity to local shops and amenities. I look forward to welcoming you to our community here at Fleet


Lucy Paynter

Job Title: Activities and Volunteers Co-Ordinator

Joined: 2013


I worked at Sunrise of Fleet since 2010 as a Lead Care Manager. Previously I worked with adults with learning disabilities, in a nursery with children, as well as an Office Manager, and a photographic assistant at Boots the Chemist. I am definitely a people person, who loves interaction with people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. This is reflected in my hobby too as I am part of an Amateur Dramatic Society, which involves putting on two musical productions a year (our residents enjoy coming to watch). I love singing, you may just catch me performing here as I recently did one afternoon for our residents! I thoroughly enjoy working here and am delighted to now be Fleet's Activities and Volunteer Coordinator. I look forward to providing our residents with variety, fun, and fulfilling activities.

Care Home Idol 2016

There are currently no Care Home Idol entrants who have performed at Sunrise of Fleet