Sunrise of Cardiff, Cardiff, Cardiff
Sunrise of Cardiff, Cardiff, Cardiff
Sunrise of Cardiff, Cardiff, Cardiff

The Sunrise of Cardiff Assisted Living neighbourhood provides comfort and warmth in a home-like, non institutionalised environment. Their approach to residents is one of individual and personalised care with dignity, independence, privacy and freedom of choice as a priority. They organise many activities which include a variety of trips and social events. The focus is residents’ well being and helping them make the most out of every day. Pets are most welcome. In addition, they offer person centred specialised Dementia care within a Reminiscence neighbourhood. Accommodation sizes vary, but are all designed to provide generous living space with full en-suite facilities in surroundings every resident can be proud to call their home. Mission statement: To champion the quality of life for all seniors.

Group: Sunrise Senior Living

Person in charge: Liz Williams (General Manager)

Local Authority / Social Services: Cardiff Council (click for contact details)

Type of Service: Care Home only (Residential Care) – Privately Owned , 99 residents

Registered Care Categories*: Dementia • Old Age

Specialist Care Categories: Alzheimer's

Admission Information: Full individual needs assessment prior to admission. Ages 50+.

Single Rooms: 61

Shared Rooms: 19

Rooms with ensuite WC: 80

Facilities & Services: Palliative Care • Respite Care • Convalescent Care • Physiotherapy • Sheltered Housing • Separate EMI Unit • Own GP if required • Own Furniture if required • Pets by arrangement • Close to Local shops • Near Public Transport • Minibus or other transport • Lift • Wheelchair access • Gardens for residents • Bar/Cafe on premises • Residents Kitchenette • Phone Point in own room/Mobile • Television point in own room • Residents Internet Access

Latest Care & Social Services Inspectorate* Report on Sunrise of Cardiff: click here

* Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) is responsible for the registration and inspection of social care services in Wales.

Bed Vacancies

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Review Score: 8 (8.040)

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    The Review Score of 8.040 for Sunrise of Cardiff is based on 2 Reviews/Recommendations in the last 2 years.

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Friendly welcome always from the ladies on the reception desk. Entrance hall again very welcoming, clean and comfortable - very nice also to have the facilities to make a drink at anytime. Dining room feels as if you are in a restaurant with lovely furniture and clean linen cloths on the tables. Bedrooms and bathrooms always clean.

Facilities: Excellent

Care / Support: Good

Cleanliness: Excellent

Food & Drink: Excellent

Staff: Good

Activities: Excellent

Management: Good

Safety / Security: Excellent

Rooms: Excellent

Value for Money: Good

Luxurious accommodation. Expansive lounges. Choice of menu for lunch and dinner. Wide independence encouraged all rooms en-suite all rooms. Have a kitchenette. Lovely gardens. Very helpful staff not much more expensive than very much more inferior homes.

Facilities: Excellent

Care / Support: Excellent

Cleanliness: Excellent

Food & Drink: Excellent

Staff: Excellent

Activities: Excellent

Management: Excellent

Safety / Security: Excellent

Rooms: Excellent

Value for Money: Excellent

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Awards / Recognitions

February 2014

Job Vacancies

There are no jobs posted yet for Sunrise of Cardiff

Staff Profiles


Liz Williams

Job Title: General Manager


My background is in nursing and I have been fortunate in my career to enjoy a range of employment within both the clinical and care sectors. I joined Sunrise at the beginning of this year and am thrilled to be leading a highly professional, dedicated and motivated team. Each and every day without exception our team provides outstanding care espousing our core values including Respect, Trust, and Joy in Service for our residents. It is so rewarding to see our residents enjoying every day here with good friends, good food and a vibrant activities programme.


Michelle Swindenbank

Job Title: Assisted Living Co-ordinator & Registered Manager


As Assisted Living Co-ordinator I have the wonderful position of being able to see and spend time with residents on an individual basis. Every day is different in my role and it’s the uniqueness of each individual that never ceases to bring me great satisfaction, whether its being able to help deal with any issues or just sharing some special private time. These individuals are my greatest teachers.As Registered Manager I am part of a robust team who work hard together to ensure Sunrise of Cardiff adheres to the regulations stipulated by CSSIW ( Care & Social services Inspectorate Wales) to ensure the community is a centre of excellence.


Wendy Ticehurst

Job Title: Reminiscence Co-ordinator


Our reminiscence neighbourhood is a unique and carefully thought out environment for those who have problems with their memory. We promote individuality and independence in every aspect of daily living. Carefully selected staff create a homely environment where the focus is on seizing the moment with every individual’s own pathway through their dementia. We have a beautiful self-contained garden where residents are free to wander safely amongst plants and shrubs which have memory provoking aromas and bright colours. My team and I love seeing our residents engaging with us in our environment where they are supported to maintain and perhaps regain some forgotten skills.


Dorothy Wright

Job Title: Activities and Volunteers Co-ordinator


As Activities Co-Ordinator I am responsible for creating a full and varied mix of events, outings and activities for our residents to enjoy. We have such talented people within our community and it is wonderful to be able to show these talents off with art classes, flower arranging, cake decorating, quizzes and talks to name but a few of the many many things we offer. Non-residents are always welcome to come and join in with us so please feel free to pop in – we guarantee a warm welcome!


Elisabeth May

Job Title: Director of Community Relations


As part of my role I meet with people who are looking towards the future for either themselves or for a loved one. I am so proud to be able to show everything which Sunrise has to offer: our beautiful community and gardens, the fantastic room options, activities and entertainment, wonderful dining and outstanding care. The reward of seeing how people thrive once they have moved in with us is absolutely priceless.

Care Home Idol 2015

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