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'Dynamic' of care home changes after teenagers strike up friendships with people with dementia

Sue Learner, Editor , 11-Feb-16 article from 'Features' section

Over a hundred teenagers have struck up friendships with people with dementia living in care homes, as part of a pioneering scheme to train young people how to relate to people with the disease. The teenage

Increasing activity levels in middle age could prevent brain ageing

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 11-Feb-16 article from 'News' section

A new study has suggested that exercising between the ages of 40 and 50 could help prevent the brain from shrinking, potentially adding years to life expectancy. The research, published in the Neurology medical

Age UK and E.ON temporarily suspend energy tariff aimed at older people

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 10-Feb-16 article from 'News' section

Age UK Enterprises Ltd are to temporarily suspend a ‘controversial’ Fixed 2 Year energy tariff aimed at older people. The withdrawal, for new and renewing customers, was prompted by ‘continued speculation

Care homes urged to give residents more time to pay when care costs rise

Sue Learner, Editor , 10-Feb-16 article from 'News' section

Care home residents should have at least four weeks’ notice of a price rise, says Citizens Advice, which claims many residents only get a week’s warning that their care costs are going to rise. The charity’s

Over one million old people are malnourished, claims Taskforce

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 10-Feb-16 article from 'News' section

New research by the Malnutrition Taskforce reveals that only half of health professionals regard malnutrition as a priority in their organisations. The ‘Experiences of Patient Malnutrition’ survey conducted

Graffiti artist spray paints memory wall on London care home

Sue Learner, Editor , 09-Feb-16 article from 'Innovative Care Home' section

A graffiti artist has spray painted a ‘memory wall’ in a North London care home featuring items from the residents’ past such as a chessboard, a vintage record player and a grandfather clock. Residents from

Dog IQ test could provide link between intelligence and dementia

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 08-Feb-16 article from 'News' section

Scientists have developed an IQ test for dogs which could help understand the link between intelligence and human health, according to new research published in the journal, Intelligence. Recent studies have

Healthy living 'reduces dementia risk' for older people

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 08-Feb-16 article from 'News' section

According to new research, fewer people are developing dementia as they lead healthier and better educated lifestyles. Researchers at Cambridge University found that the chances of over-65s developing the

Loneliness 'is not just a public health epidemic, it is a plague', warns Older People’s Commissioner

Sue Learner, Editor , 05-Feb-16 article from 'News Analysis' section

Sarah Rochira, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, has added her voice to the growing calls for something to be done to tackle the huge problem of loneliness in the UK. Social isolation and loneliness

Mental health stigma leaves nearly 90 per cent of people feeling isolated and ashamed

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 04-Feb-16 article from 'News' section

In a survey of more than 7,000 people living with mental health problems, it has been revealed that nearly 90 per cent of respondents have experienced stigma and discrimination as a result of their mental health problems. The

Digital technology helping to revolutionise resident monitoring in care homes

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 02-Feb-16 article from 'Innovative Care Home' section

Care homes are under an increasing amount of pressure to offer a range of care and support services to those in their care. Care staff are tasked with attending to the personal wishes and requests of residents, preparing their food announces winner of Care Home Idol 2015

Sue Learner, Editor , 02-Feb-16 article from 'Features' section

Entries were at a record high for’s annual talent contest, with the public voting in their hundreds for Maidstone Care Centre in Kent to win the coveted title of Care Home Idol 2015. This

Upcoming Care Sector Exhibitions & Conferences

Employment seminar - TUPE

Date: Tuesday 16 Feb 2016

Organiser: Shakespeare Martineau

Contact: 0116 257 4468 (Daljit Flora)


Mottram Hall info and training session

Date: Monday 22 Feb 2016

Organiser: AutumnCare

Contact: 01625 322 403


Adult Safeguarding Enquiries & Safeguarding Adults Review

Date: Tuesday 23 Feb 2016

Contact: 01932 429933


Upcoming Care Sector Awards

Upcoming Care Home Events & Open Days

The Prince George Lunch Club

Date: Tuesday 26 Jan 2016 – Tuesday 23 Feb 2016

Location: The Prince George Club

Organiser: The Prince George Club

The Prince George Lunch Club

Date: Tuesday 26 Jan 2016 – Tuesday 23 Feb 2016

Organiser: Prince George House

Supportive Coffee Mornings

Date: Thursday 28 Jan 2016 – Thursday 25 Feb 2016

Location: Claremont Court

Organiser: Claremont Court Care Home

Coffee Afternoon at Tarvin Community Centre

Date: Friday 29 Jan 2016 – Friday 26 Feb 2016

Location: Tarvin Community Centre

Organiser: Barchester Iddenshall Hall Care Home


Date: Monday 01 Feb 2016 – Monday 29 Feb 2016

Organiser: Four Seasons Care Centre

Creative Mobility with Mel

Date: Wednesday 03 Feb 2016 – Wednesday 24 Feb 2016

Location: Cubbington Mill

Organiser: Barchester Cubbington Mill Care Home