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Care home inspectors find a lack of staff and poor manual handling skills

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 04-May-16 article from 'News' section

Not enough staff and poor manual handling skills have been identified in some care homes by Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors in the last week. Some 18 care homes and home care agencies in England

Devolved Elections: Health and Social Care Decisions

Francesca Dobson, Senior Account Manager at PLMR , 04-May-16 article from 'Opinion (CH)' section

On Thursday 5th May 2016 voters across the UK will be heading to the polling stations for the numerous elections that are taking place, from elections for Mayor of London and the London Assembly, to the elections for the Scottish

Filling a care void: Countless lives saved by ending hospital discharge delays

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 29-Apr-16 article from 'Features' section

Older people across the UK are dying in hospital because far from getting better, their health takes a nose dive the longer they are away from home. Physiotherapist Andy Powell is cutting the rate of decline

Sex 'taboo' leaves people with disabilities 'desexualised' and 'institutionalised'

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 29-Apr-16 article from 'Features' section

One of the biggest challenges faced by care staff is ensuring that the needs of the person they’re caring for are met when care is being delivered. However one of the greatest challenges faced by people with disabilities is communicating

Care home residents watch their garden grow after cops cannabis drugs bust

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 29-Apr-16 article from 'Innovative Care (CH)' section

A care home in Birmingham has recently benefited from a generous donation of soil and gardening supplies from the Cannabis Disposal Team at West Midlands Police, following the discovery of nearly £1m worth of cannabis plants being

UK's largest care home operator Four Seasons suffers £263.5m loss

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 28-Apr-16 article from 'News Analysis' section

Four Seasons Health Care, which cares for more than 18,000 older people across Britain, has reported an operating loss of £263.6m in 2015. Up from a £70.1m loss in 2014, last year's loss of almost £264m

Care home resident visits 90 care homes during 1,400 mile bikeathon around England

Sue Learner, Editor , 27-Apr-16 article from 'Features' section

Terry Keen, who lives in an Anchor retirement housing scheme, has embarked on a 1,400 mile bike ride through England, collecting signatures on a card he plans to deliver to Buckingham Palace for the Queen's 90th Birthday. His

'My wife found me in bed shaking and blamed my boss' but it was early onset dementia

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 27-Apr-16 article from 'Features' section

Ex-train driver Tommy Dunne worked his way up the corporate ladder to become a rail compliance manager of 19 people and still remembers the day his Alzheimer’s revealed itself. He was at a business meeting with

Glitter beard world record challenge launched to support dementia research

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 27-Apr-16 article from 'News' section

Men with beards across the UK are being encouraged to take part in a world record challenge to raise money for dementia research. The ‘beardjazzled’ event has been organised by Northampton-based company

Care sector pays tribute to 'passionate' and 'inspiring' care personality

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 27-Apr-16 article from 'Features' section

On 17 April, care personality Annie Sinnott passed away unexpectedly in hospital after decades of providing support, inspiration and encouragement to families, friends and care staff at The Old Vicarage in Leigh, Dorset and across

Intergenerational art project breaks down barriers between young and old

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 26-Apr-16 article from 'Features' section

Alive! is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for older people by enabling participation in meaningful activities. Paint Pals, an intergenerational art project developed by Alive! in 2011,

Grandmother pays tribute to 850,000 people living with dementia

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 25-Apr-16 article from 'News' section

A Buckinghamshire grandmother is walking 850,000 steps to pay tribute to the 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. Liz Stoddard, a former nurse, has already raised more than £2,000 for Alzheimer’s

Upcoming Care Sector Exhibitions & Conferences

Care Roadshow Liverpool

Date: Tuesday 10 May 2016

Organiser: Care Roadshows

Contact: 01425 838393


Care Agenda

Date: Tuesday 10 May 2016


British Geriatric Society Meeting 2016

Date: Wednesday 11 May 2016 – Friday 13 May 2016

Organiser: AutumnCare

Contact: 0207 608 1369


Upcoming Care Sector Awards

Upcoming Care Home Events & Open Days

The Beau Belles

Date: Thursday 14 Apr 2016 – Thursday 12 May 2016

Organiser: Beaumont Hall

Coffee mornings

Date: Friday 15 Apr 2016 – Saturday 14 May 2016

Location: Main Lounge

Organiser: Trafalgar Park Care Home

Zumba at Iddenshall

Date: Tuesday 19 Apr 2016 – Wednesday 18 May 2016

Location: Iddenshall Hall

Organiser: Barchester Iddenshall Hall Care Home

National Care Open Day - Royal Ascot Ladies Day comes to Loxley Park

Date: Monday 25 Apr 2016 – Tuesday 24 May 2016

Location: Loxley Park, Loxley Road, Sheffield, S6 4TF

Organiser: Signature Loxley Park

Exercise class and games

Date: Tuesday 26 Apr 2016 – Tuesday 24 May 2016

Location: active life day centre

Organiser: Active Life Day Centre

Launch of Dementia Cafe

Date: Friday 29 Apr 2016 – Saturday 28 May 2016

Location: Lydgate Lodge in Batley

Organiser: Lydgate Lodge