4 Hour - Conflict Management, Resolution and De-escalation Course

Course Title: 4 Hour - Conflict Management, Resolution and De-escalation Course     Add Course to My Folder

Category: Challenging Behaviour / Aggression / Anger

Price: Up to 6 delegates £430 + VAT Up to 12 delegates £600 +VAT

Duration: 4 hours

Format: On Site (ie at your work place)

Minimum Participants: 2

Maximum Participants: 99

Level: Entry Level

Certificate: Certificate of Achievement (Assessed by Provider)

Provider: Intelligensa

Course Description

This is a 4-hour course with training delivered through a combination of PowerPoint presentations, group discussion, observation of videos, but DOES NOT include role plays. (This course can also be offered for 6-hour duration, including role plays)
Delegates completing the course will cover and be competent to:
Know how communication can be used to solve problems and reduce the likelihood of conflict
1. State the importance of positive communication as a way of reducing the likelihood of conflict
2. Identify how managing customer expectations can reduce the likelihood of conflict
3. Identify the differences between assertiveness, aggression, anger and violence
4. Recognise the attitude and behaviour cycle (Botari's Box)
5. State the importance of viewing a situation from the customers' perspective
6. Identify strategies that can be used to solve problems
Know the factors that influence human responses in conflict situations
1. Identify human responses to emotional or threatening situations and understand what happens to the body when it is under stress and fear
2. Identify factors that can trigger an angry response in others
3. Identify factors that can inhibit an angry response in others
Know how to assess and reduce risks in conflict situations
1. Identify the stages of escalation in conflict situations using Kaplan and Wheeler's Assault Cycle
2. State how to apply dynamic risk assessment to a conflict situation (using the POP model)
3. Identify measures that can reduce risks for people who may be involved in conflict situations
Know how to communicate effectively and de-escalate conflict in emotive situations
1. Identify how to use non-verbal communication in emotive situations
2. Identify how to overcome barriers in emotive situations
3. Identify ways of defusing emotive conflict situations
4. Identify how to work with colleagues to de-escalate conflict situations
5. Be able to use the Open PALM's and SAFER models to de-escalate situations
6. State the importance of providing exit routes and controlling and maintaining space when dealing with an angry person
Know good practice to follow after conflict situations
1. State the importance of accessing help and support following an incident
2. Identify the benefits of reflecting on and learning from conflict situations
3. Identify the benefits of sharing good practice and contributing to solutions to recurring problems
Additional delegates are charged at £50 per head + VAT
Intelligensa are members of The Institute of Conflict Management

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