The Hockeredge Care Centre

2/4 Canterbury Road, Westgate-on-Sea CT8 8JJ

The Hockeredge Care Centre provides nursing, residential and respite care for those living with dementia and mental health needs, in a warm and caring environment.

The care centre is conveniently located, no more than five minutes walk from the small coastal town of Westgate-on-Sea.

The Hockeredge Care Centre provides a relaxed, homely environment accommodating residents in spacious single rooms, some with en-suite facilities.

All rooms are furnished to a high standard with televisions, however, residents are encouraged to participate in choosing colour schemes and d├ęcor to suit individual taste. Residents are also welcome to bring their own furniture and personal items to ensure their room is comfortable and familiar.

The main social areas include two lounges with wide screen TVs, a dining area and a living memory and activities room, all with comfortable seating.

Residents at The Hockeredge also have safe access to the well-maintained enclosed private gardens, while staff organise a wide range of activities that are individual to each person, taking into account their life story, past hobbies and recreational interests.

Owner: Bedstone Ltd

Person in charge: Julie Cleary (Senior Registered Manager)

Local Authority / Social Services: Kent County Council (click for contact details)

Type of Service: Care Home with nursing – Privately Owned , Registered for a maximum of 50 Service Users

Registered Care Categories*: Dementia • Mental Health Condition • Old Age • Physical Disability • Sensory Impairment • Substance Misuse

Specialist Care Categories: Alzheimer's • Bipolar/Manic Depression • Challenging Behaviour • Epilepsy • Head/Brain Injury • Hearing Impairment • Huntington's Disease • Multiple Sclerosis • Parkinson's Disease • Schizophrenia • Stroke • Visual Impairment

Admission Information: Ages 18+.

Languages Spoken by Staff (other than English): Polish

Single Rooms: 50

Rooms with ensuite WC: 24

Facilities & Services: Palliative Care • Day Care • Respite Care • Convalescent Care • Physiotherapy • Separate Dementia Care Unit • Own GP if required • Own Furniture if required • Pets by arrangement • Close to Local shops • Near Public Transport • Minibus or other transport • Lift • Wheelchair access • Gardens for residents • Phone Point in own room/Mobile • Television point in own room


We encourage an open-door policy and our visitors are welcome at any time


Street Parking

Latest Care Quality Commission* Report on The Hockeredge Care Centre: click here

* Care Quality Commission is responsible for the registration and inspection of social care services in England.

Bed Vacancies

3 Bed Vacancies

posted 21 Sep 2017

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Reviewer Connection to The Hockeredge Care Centre

  • Son of Resident/Service User
  • Father of Resident/Service User

Dad has been with The Hockeredge for a few months now and I am so pleased to see him becoming settled.
We are always warmly welcomed when we visit dad and the staff take time to talk to us about how his day has been.

Staff are really caring and go out of their way to support him when he is in his busy work mode.

Dad had lost a lot of weight before coming to The Hockeredge and I can see his appetite is well and truly back now.
There is always plenty of good food to eat and drinks on offer.

I know how much he trusts his carers when he is willing to have a hug or even give back a peck on the cheek. Something previous homes have not even got close too.
I've even known staff pick up little bits and pieces for him while off duty.
Not only do staff care for Dad but they also actually like him.

It is fair to say that it has not always been a bed of roses for him, but clearly, the people caring for Dad have helped him to cope better in his own little Alzheimer's world.

How likely would you be to recommend The Hockeredge Care Centre? Extremely Likely

Average Rating: 

 3.9 out of 5

Overall Standard: Good

Facilities: Good

Care / Support: Good

Cleanliness: Satisfactory

Treated with Dignity: Good

Food & Drink: Excellent

Staff: Excellent

Activities: Satisfactory

Management: Good

Safety / Security: Good

Rooms: Satisfactory

Value for Money: Good

My stepdad is a resident at the Hockeredge, he has been a resident for a good few months now. So far we are really happy with the care he gets. Staff are very friendly, happy and caring, and nothing seems to be a problem. We visit every day and feel like we are welcome at any time, we are offered Tea/Coffee on pretty much every visit, this is lovely as my stepdad loves having a 'cuppa' with us.

The food is fantastic and cooked on-site, the cooks are often cooking cakes and biscuits for the residents in addition to the home cooked meals.

The rooms are lovely and are cleaned regularly to perfection!

Medication seems to be given on time (Refreshing change compared to other care homes we have experienced)

Currently we are really happy with the Hockeredge, and are looking forward to the refurbishments.

We are relieved he has now found somewhere where he is cared for, and his needs are meet on a daily basis - We can only say thank you.

How likely would you be to recommend The Hockeredge Care Centre? Extremely Likely

Average Rating: 

 4.8 out of 5

Overall Standard: Excellent

Facilities: Good

Care / Support: Excellent

Cleanliness: Good

Treated with Dignity: Excellent

Food & Drink: Excellent

Staff: Excellent

Activities: Excellent

Management: Excellent

Safety / Security: Excellent

Rooms: Excellent

Value for Money: Excellent

Mary Noone, Home Manager at The Hockeredge Care Centre responded to this review on 09 Jun 2016:

Thank you for your lovely review. It is a pleasure to care for your Step-Dad and to welcome you all into the home.

My son was moved to other care homes before moving to Hockeridge Care Centre, and he is well looked after and has settled well and I am pleased that he is there.

How likely would you be to recommend The Hockeredge Care Centre? Likely

Average Rating: 

 4.2 out of 5

Overall Standard: Good

Facilities: Good

Care / Support: Excellent

Cleanliness: Good

Treated with Dignity: Good

Food & Drink: Good

Staff: Good

Activities: Good

Management: Good

Safety / Security: Excellent

Rooms: Good

Vanessa Cornfoot, Home Manager at The Hockeredge Care Centre responded to this review on 21 Mar 2016:

We would like to thank you for taking the time to write a review and are pleased that you are happy with the services provided.

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