Barchester Alexandra Court Care Home

332 Edinburgh Road, Carntyne, Glasgow G33 2PH

Barchester Alexandra Court Care Home, Glasgow, Glasgow City
Barchester Alexandra Court Care Home, Glasgow, Glasgow City
Barchester Alexandra Court Care Home, Glasgow, Glasgow City

Alexander Court Care Home is based in Glasgow where it offers a number of specialised services, including a range of nursing care, accommodation for people with physical mobility problems and full-time care for individuals with Huntingdon’s disease.

The facility is close to Glasgow city centre, for those content to remain active in the community, whilst being located in a pleasant residential community and offering its own private garden for the enjoyment of residents.

As well as being known for offering an innovative service to people with Huntingdon’s disease, Alexander Court various expertise can be extended to people with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, as well as for respite, palliative and convalescent care.

Group: Barchester Healthcare Ltd

Person in charge: Julie Thompson (Home Manager)

Local Authority / Social Services: Glasgow City Council (click for contact details)

Type of Service: Care Home with nursing – Privately Owned , Registered for a maximum of 60 Service Users

Registered Care Categories*: Old Age • Physical Disability

Specialist Care Categories: Head/Brain Injury • Huntington's Disease • Multiple Sclerosis

Admission Information: Ages 18+.

Single Rooms: 52

Shared Rooms: 4

Rooms with ensuite WC: 10

Facilities & Services: Day Care • Respite Care • Physiotherapy • Own GP if required • Own Furniture if required • Close to Local shops • Near Public Transport • Lift • Wheelchair access • Gardens for residents • Residents Kitchenette • Phone Point in own room/Mobile • Television point in own room

Latest Care Inspectorate* Report on Barchester Alexandra Court Care Home: click here

* Care Inspectorate is responsible for the registration and inspection of social care services in Scotland.

Bed Vacancies

Bed Vacancies

posted 30 Oct 2017

We currently have limited availability. Please contact us to discuss your needs further, we would love to welcome you for a visit.


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  • Sister of Resident/Service User

My sister has been at the care home for just less than a year now. I visit the home twice weekly. I think the staff are very friendly and look after my sister well and with dignity.
My sister has settled in well and has a good relationship with the staff.
I think that the staff are very understanding with my sister and her needs. When my sister first moved there I was worried she would leave the home unattended as she is vulnerable.
I'm happy that a security system has been installed and I feel that my sister is safe and well cared for.

How likely would you be to recommend Barchester Alexandra Court Care Home? Likely

Average Rating: 

 4 out of 5

Overall Standard: Good

Facilities: Good

Care / Support: Good

Cleanliness: Good

Treated with Dignity: Good

Food & Drink: Good

Staff: Good

Activities: Good

Management: Good

Safety / Security: Good

Rooms: Good

Value for Money: Good

John Murray, General Manager at Barchester Alexandra Court Care Home responded to this review on 12 Jun 2017:

Thank you for your kind comments. I am so pleased to hear that your sister has settled well in Alexandra Court Care Home.

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Awards / Recognitions

April 2017

February 2016

November 2013

Eat Safe

Recipient: Barchester Alexandra Court Care Home

Date: Sunday 24 Nov 2013

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Job Vacancies

Staff Profiles


John Murray

Job Title: General Manager


I began my career in Hotel and Catering in the 1980’s working firstly as a chef in a variety of distinguished and award winning hotels. I care passionately about good service and looking after people, and a change in my career in 1994 into healthcare provided me with the opportunity to extend my horizons and to gain a wealth of experience in healthcare with Barchester.

I have various professional qualifications including qualifications in Care and Hospitality Management.

As a married man with two children my leisure time is limited but I enjoy playing golf and watching football. I also have a well-developed sense of humour, which I have invariably found stands me in good stead in all areas of my life.


Eleanor Wilson

Job Title: Deputy General Manager


Eleanor has been a Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years; Eleanor held a senior position in NHS Lanarkshire before joining Alexandra Court in November 2010.

Eleanor has a key role in providing a clinical support the General Manager as well as support staff on both floors of the home. She is also on hand on a daily basis to provide information support and reassurance relatives and their families.


Bernadette MacDonald

Job Title: Charge Nurse


Bernadette has been a Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years, she has a wealth of experience both at a national level and internationally. Bernadette works on the lower floor of the home providing expert person centred care for younger people with a physical disability.

She is truly focused and believes that everyone is a unique individual and alongside a dedicated team of care staff she works continually to encourage our service users to remain in control of their own lives.


Catherine Hainey

Job Title: Administrator


Catherine has worked at Alexandra Court for 16 years and is responsible for supporting Residents staff, and relatives with the administration and financial running of the home.

Catherine also provides a comforting smile and a warm welcome to families visiting the home.


Jacqueline Madden

Job Title: Charge Nurse


A registered nurse for over 30 years, Jacqueline works tirelessly to ensure to delivery of the highest standards of care and dignity to all of the residents on the upper floor of the home. Jacqueline is also on hand to offer the kind of support to families and loved ones that is valued so much.


James Temple

Job Title: Head of Maintenance


Jim is our longest serving staff member at Alexandra Court having worked in the home for over 20 years. Jim is responsible for all of the day to day maintenance within the home including painting and decorating. Jim also delivers a resident workshop in the home very week “Tool Time” the workshop is eagerly looked forward to by those who attend. Participants have built a variety of extremely well crafted items including bird and bat boxes and more recently a selection of stunning planters made from left over decking boards. Jim explains “it’s a great social event where people laugh and joke together and enjoy themselves. However, equally importantly, they gain a great sense of purpose and a feeling of worth from creating and making new things”.


John Brereton

Job Title: Head Chef


John honed his skills in some of Glasgow’s best hotels and Michelin star restaurants. He has over 30 years in the catering industry and he is describes himself as extremely passionate about the food he produces.

John spends time with residents in the home every day and runs a cookery class for residents. John explains “these classes are much more than an activities; they are also social events, a gathering of talent and too many years of cooking experience to count”. Our residents practice in the culinary magic of food, creating, sharing ideas and of course there is always a chance to gossip.

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