Nursing Home & Residential Home Fees / Funding Advice Chart

Care Home / Nursing Home / Residential Home Funding Flow Chart

The care home funding flow chart illustrates the main factors affecting nursing home fees and residential home fees.

Funding Your Care - Flow Chart

Do you have capital or savings in excess of £23,250?

Capital includes the value of your former home unless it is occupied by i) your partner or ii) a relative who is aged 60 or is incapacitated or iii) a child under 16 who you or a former partner, who is a lone parent, is liable to maintain.

The local authority should assist with your care costs.

Arrange an assessment of your care needs with social services.

You should be able to choose which care home you prefer subject to it meeting your assessed needs and being with in the price that the social services are prepared to pay.

If you wish to live in more expensive accommodation, you must find a third party to top-up the local authority funding. You are not allowed to do this yourself from a capital below £23,250.

This information is intended to be a brief summary only and is based on our understanding of present legislation, regulations and guidance. Changes in legislation may therefore affect the content and its usefullness. No responsibilty can be accepted for action taken on this information.

Obtain an assessment of your care needs from social services.

The local authority will help with your first twelve weeks of care costs if, apart from your property, your other savings are below £23,250. Any help beyond this period will be a loan.

Depending on your other capital and income, you may also be able to claim income support or pension credit.

If your property is not on the market it could be treated as capital and adversely effect your entitlement to means tested welfare benefits.

Claim Attendance Allowance. This is a non-means tested benefit that pays £79.15 per week if you need care day and night or £53.00 if you need care by day or night.

If you are moving to the nursing home, claim the NHS nursing Contribution - paid directly to the home at a rate of £109.79 per week. These rates apply to England only. Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland pay different amounts.

Make sure you can afford your chosen care over the long term. Seek specialist financial advice.