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2017-12-14 Care Homes Job Title: Healthcare worker

Job Setting: Care Home / Nursing Home

Job Role: Bank Carer / Care Assistant

Date Posted: 15 Nov 2017

Job Location: Southampton , Hampshire

Salary: £8.00 8.00 per hour

Hours: Full Time

Contact Name: Suzanne thomas

Job Reference: Healthcare assistant Kitnocks



Job Title

Healthcare assistant

Issue date

11 November 2015

Reports to

Senior healthcare assistant/Nurse



Main Function of the job

(In addition to these functions employees are required to carry out such duties as may reasonably be required).

To provide the highest level of care to our residents

To encourage effective working relationships across the home


Develop effective working relationships throughout the home, cooperating with members of other disciplines to maximise better opportunities for better care

Providing care

Record relevant activities in Care plans

Ensure our residents rights are protected at all times

Support and maintain a culture of performance and excellence


Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth

Promote a positive image for residency and employment within the home

Support the orientation and induction of all new employees

Support the implementation of the home’s policies and procedures

Support the effective resolution of team conflicts

Living our vision and values

Person centred care

Show care and respect for all our residents

Take time to learn about residents as individuals

Create ideas to improve life for the residents

Make families and friends feel welcome and cared for


Help other members of the team

Cover flexibly for other people

Show care and appreciation for others in the team

Familiarise yourself & work well with other teams, showing respect

Taking responsibility

Always take responsibility and pull your weight

Make a positive difference

Tidy up after yourself and others

Do not say ‘That’s not my job’. It’s ALL of our job!


Keep others informed throughout your shift

Share information so others can do the best job they can

Ask questions if you are not clear

Do not gossip or spread rumours- instead talk to your manager

Positive outlook

Keep smiling, it is infectious!

Show a positive attitude to your work and any changes that are implemented

Have a ‘can do’ approach when asked to do something

Do not complain or blame others instead suggest ways to improve things





Review Date

Reviewer responsible HR Manager


This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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