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2017-12-20 Care Homes Job Title: Carer

Job Setting: Care Home / Nursing Home

Job Role: Carer / Care Assistant / Care Support Worker

Date Posted: 20 Nov 2017

Job Location: Glossop , Derbyshire

Salary: £7.50 to £7.60 per hour Paid every 4 weeks

Hours: Full Time or Part Time

Contact Name: Helena Brown

Job Reference: BEE1117/


Reports to: Registered Manager

Purpose of role

To support residents with all aspects of their day to day living, so they can enjoy the best possible quality of life. Providing care and support is both a challenging and rewarding experience. You will work within a team and usually with a Senior Carer. Compassion, good communication skills and a calm and caring manner are essential for this important role in our company.

Key responsibility

Safely provide compassionate care and support that is centred on the individual needs and wishes of each resident. Respect residents’ choices and promote their dignity at all times.

It is essential to report any changes or causes for concern to your line manager promptly. You need to be clear about when to seek help and advice in order to keep customers safe and promote their well-being.


Care and support

Give non-discriminatory care and support that values the diverse and unique qualities of each resident. See the whole person and not merely a list of care needs. Carefully listen and observe how residents prefer their care and support to be delivered on a day to day basis. Help them make their own decisions and to be as independent as possible.

Follow instructions in the care and support plan which has been agreed with each resident. This may include:

  • All aspects of personal care
    • Showering and bathing
    • Dressing and grooming
    • Toileting and continence care
    • Teeth and dentures
  • Eating and drinking
    • Helping the customer to plan what to eat and drink
    • Gentle encouragement and help to eat and drink well
    • Preparing and serving food and drinks
    • Clearing the table, washing up and keeping the kitchen area clean and tidy;
  • Safely using aids and personal equipment in a manner that respects the dignity of customers. For example
    • Standing and walking frames
    • Wheelchairs, manual and electric hoists
    • Sliding sheets and moving boards
    • Hearing aids and other physical aids
  • Housework – each carer has some jobs but must help:
    • Washing floors, vacuuming and sweeping
    • Laundry and ironing, making beds and changing the linen
    • Dusting and general tidying
  • Social and physical activities or mental stimulation such as
    • Answering the door and greeting visitors
    • Answering emergency bells and the telephone
    • Writing cards and letters or emails
    • Hobbies and recreations such as reading, photo albums, games, etc
  • Supporting a resident through temporary and terminal illness, including
    • End of life care
    • Hospital appointments – when family can’t
    • Liaising with community health support and families

Recording and reporting

  • Record and report all relevant residents information including
    • Changes to a resident’s condition or other concerns
    • Faulty equipment or hazards in the home
    • Response to emergencies, accidents and incidents
    • Safeguarding matters
    • Contact with families or carers and other professionals
    • Other matters as required by Cloister Care procedures
  • Keep all information about customers and their families secure and confidential

Work well as part of the Cloister Care team

  • Follow Cloister Care policies, procedures and guidance at all times
  • Take part in staff and resident meetings
  • Attend training activities and appraisal and development meetings

This list is not exhaustive and from time to time you may be required to undertake additional duties. We will provide full training in line with regulatory requirements.


  • Caring and compassionate towards people in need of care and support
  • Respect for people suffering from a range of medical conditions with different backgrounds and beliefs to your own. Commitment to non-discriminatory care practice
  • Self-motivated and keen to learn. Willing to seek guidance when needed and follow instructions
  • Excellent time keeper and reliable
  • Good hygiene practice
  • including personal hygiene
  • and a smart appearance
  • Good stamina and a level of fitness to meet the physical demands of the job
  • General understanding of the needs of people who require care and support
  • Respect for the rights of our residents. Understanding the importance of giving the best possible care and support centred on the individual needs and wishes of each resident
  • Understanding of why confidentiality is important and what this means as a care worker

This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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