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2018-01-22 Care Homes Job Title: Clinical Lead

Job Setting: Care Home / Nursing Home

Job Role: Clinical Lead / Nurse Team Leader

Date Posted: 24 Dec 2017

Job Location: Gloucester , Gloucestershire

Salary: £34,000 to £36,000 per annum

Hours: Full Time

Contact Name: charlotte potter

Job Reference: CLINLDPVG


Clinical Lead

Main function of the job: (Note: In addition to these functions, employees are required to carry out such duties as may reasonably be required).

  • To work under the direction of the Registered Manager Deputy Manager to support the aims and objectives of the Home and assist the management in the organisation of a high-quality establishment for older people.
  • To be innovative in service delivery and build the capacity of staff to respond effectively to Service Users Living with dementia
  • Provide clinical leadership and assume responsibility for the correct assessment of care required, through planning, documentation and ongoing assessment
  • To provide high standards of care – to include the monitoring and reviews of the home and service users, this includes providing a safe, caring environment to enable and optimize the emotional, health and well-being of the service users.
  • To develop non-medication management of challenging behaviours where appropriate, and effective reviews of prescribing of antipsychotic medicines
  • Supporting the Deputy Manager to fulfil duties to promote the safeguarding and welfare of the service users and staff.
  • To clinically assess prospective Service Users of the organisation's services, and to provide clinical review if they become a Service User.
  • Build partnerships with care professionals, including GP’s, CMHT, DN’s and placement teams operating in a care environment
  • To support the development of bespoke Care Plans and Risk Assessments for each Service User.
  • To assist in Service Management through participating in Recruitment & Auditing Procedures for the organisation.
  • To direct and support staff as agreed and fully participate in induction and ongoing training programmes for all staff within the organisation, taking the lead for any dementia training.
  • To keep confidentiality of information received and ensure next of kin are informed of client’s treatment and admission in line with Caldicott guidelines
  • Ensure CQC fundamental standards are achieved and maintained

Supervisory Responsibilities

To provide clinical supervision and support to staff within the organisation.

Main Duties (not in any order of priority):

  1. Management of the Organisation:
  1. To ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times;
  2. To provide clinical supervision for staff on an individual and group basis.
  3. To regularly audit Care Planning and risk assessment procedures throughout the organisation, and provide feedback to service managers.
  4. Positively, fully support and implement the decisions of the Registered Manager & Deputy Manager.
  5. Create and uphold an open, positive and inclusive management culture.
  6. Participate in the development of The Home's policies, particularly those which relate to clinical issues within the service.
  7. Share in the development of strategic plans for The Home.
  8. Participate in the evaluation of The Home against agreed organisational and clinical goals, as well as business and quality objectives.
  9. To participate in marketing the service, through attendance at corporate events/exhibitions, and visiting potential purchasers to discuss our range of clinical services
  10. To clinically assess potential Service Users.
  11. Where possible, to be present when a Service User (particularly one living with dementia) is admitted to the service in order to provide continuity of contact.
  12. To provide verbal and written feedback to purchasers of a service about the people they have placed with the organisation, on an as required basis.
  13. To provide on-call management support at evenings/weekends on an agreed rota basis in the absence of the Deputy Manager.
  14. Work in a cost-effective manner.
  15. Be involved in staff recruitment processes, including shortlisting and interviewing. To provide dementia-related questions for applications and interviews.
  16. To assist with the planning and organisation of staffing schedules and holiday rotas to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained.
  17. Ensure the health and safety of all staff, patients and visitors, reporting any incidents, hazards, or defects and taking responsibility to minimise risk
  18. Ensure all complaints both formal and informal are dealt with promptly and courteously in accordance with Company policy

Clinical Responsibilities:

  1. Keeping up-to-date with the latest care and treatment methods within the specialist clinical fields that the organisation is registered to deliver.
  2. To provide clinical supervision for staff on an individual and group basis.
  3. To provide counselling/tutorial support for staff as required.
  4. To assist all staff in the production of bespoke, person-centred support programmes for Service Users.
  5. To take the lead in producing Person-Centred Risk Assessments for Service Users who live with Dementia.
  6. To assist in developing Environmental Risk Assessments regarding environmental issues which may be relevant to Service Users.
  7. To assist in producing Situational Risk Assessments regarding regular or specialist activities which may be relevant to Service Users.
  8. To identify issues relating to an individual's condition and vulnerability, and to support Care Planning and risk assessment which safeguards the individual.
  9. To analyse any incidents or difficulties involving Service Users in the context of a person's clinical condition, in order for necessary adjustments to be made.
  10. To attend multi-disciplinary team meetings and contribute to the modification of Care Plans.
  11. Support the creation and maintenance of a culture of performance and excellence through staff delivering clinically bespoke care and support.

Educational Responsibilities:

  1. To informally assess staff training needs through assessing and maintaining contact with Service Users, clinical supervision of staff and input from other supervisors.
  2. To participate in formal induction programmes for new staff, delivering training about the educational specialism.
  3. To review the effectiveness of training programmes and make adjustments accordingly.
  4. Assist the development of the philosophy, goals and objectives for the care and nursing practice.

Professional Long-Term care Leadership:

  1. Maintain a high standard of personal behaviour and ensure effective communication with all members of the multidisciplinary team, e.g., health professionals, social workers and relatives
  2. To maintain registration and be fully conversant with the NMC, The Code and associated national Guidelines and abide by their guidance
  3. Encourage innovative methods for the delivery of care.
  4. Establish relationships with learning institutions in order to promote the availability of staff training at all levels.
  5. Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  6. To seek opportunities to participate in research within the field, subject to board approval.


  • Registered Nurse
  • Valid NMC PIN
  • Experience working with dementia

This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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