Care Assistant Days

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Job Title: Care Assistant Days

Job Setting: Care Home / Nursing Home

Job Role: Carer / Care Assistant / Care Support Worker

Date Posted: 18 May 2019

Salary: £8.75

Hours: Full Time

Job Reference: Care Assistant Day

Job Location: Weston-super-Mare , North Somerset


To provide a comprehensive, high quality catering service, which contributes to the overall wellbeing of the people that live here and is achieved within budget. To follow the Dementia Care Matters philosophy.

  • Prepare menu plans for approval by the Manager, which provide varied, nutritious and appetising meals for the people that live here, taking account of any special dietary needs and retaining records for inspection purposes.  
  • Place food orders, subject to appropriate levels of authority, with approved suppliers, complying with procedures to maintain appropriate stock levels and control, ensuring good quality provisions are purchased within agreed budget limits.
  • Supervise and direct the work of other kitchen staff, providing instruction and demonstration to unqualified staff on simple food preparation activity.
  • Understand the principles of safe food handling to ensure all food preparation undertaken in the kitchen is to the highest standards of hygiene.
  • All food preparation and food handling areas will be maintained to a safe and hygienic standard as stipulated by the food hygiene legislation.
  • Maintain a high level of personal hygiene and wear clean full protective clothing at all times.
  • Monitor, record and report the temperatures of refrigerators and freezers to ensure food is stored safely.
  • Prepare and oversee the cleaning rota, to ensure the regular cleaning of all kitchen areas, equipment and appliances to meet the high standards of cleanliness necessary in food storage, preparation and service areas.
  • Prepare and cook all daily meals for people that live here, and staff where applicable, and provides catering for special occasions, such as birthday cakes, Christmas and other celebration days.
  • Practice safe systems of work across the range of tasks and in particular moving and handling of loads, by assessing risk and having due regard for personal safety of people that live here, visitors and staff
  • Understand personal responsibilities in relation to the Health & Safety at Work Acts and fire safety and evacuation procedures and demonstrates a working knowledge of COSHH assessments applicable in own work area.
  • Ensure all food is labelled and dated and have a use by date and signed. 
  • Ensure all food is rotated and used within the use by date.
  • Act accordingly towards people that live here and their visitors, respecting the dignity, confidentiality and individuality of each person.
  • Contribute fully to team working, responding positively to colleagues and actioning all reasonable work instructions promptly.
  • Take reasonable care of items of equipment used to carry out tasks, including general cleanliness and advising on any faults and the need for maintenance or replacement.
  • Use and clean kitchen equipment and have the knowledge to observe the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995.
  • Attend staff meetings and training sessions as required.
  • Adhere to Home Policies and Procedures. This is not intended as an exhaustive description of duties and responsibilities and may be amended following consultation with the jobholder.


  • Demonstrate a minimum 2 years catering experience
  • preferably in a commercial environment.
  • Hold relevant catering qualification – City & Guilds 706/1 and 706/2 or NVQ
  • Hold Basic Food Hygiene Certificate and demonstrates high standards of personal hygiene.
  • Able to instruct and demonstrate food preparation activities.
  • Efficient worker
  • able to respond to a demanding workload.
  • Display a positive and flexible aptitude to team working.
  • Demonstrate initiative and imagination.
  • Exhibit a caring and understanding attitude towards the people that live here and colleagues.

This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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