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Three birthday girls turning 100 remain unfazed by combined 300 years on earth

Angeline Albert, 21-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

Nora Harrad, Gladys Townsend and Cecily Day who all live at Caldwell Grange Care Home have been sharing a joke over their combined ages but remain unfazed by the fact they are reaching the age of 100 together. The

Poor oral health can cause 'life threatening conditions,' reveals care home dental hygienist

Michaela Mildenhall, 21-Jul-17 article from 'Features' section

Dental hygienist, Jane Peterson, is making a difference to the lives of residents in cares homes across the UK, helping them to achieve a “real sense of wellbeing” from the feeling that a fresh mouth gives them. By her own admission,

One in three dementia cases could be prevented by lifestyle changes

Melissa McAlees, 20-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

A third of dementia cases could be prevented by making environmental and lifestyle changes starting in childhood, new research suggests. According to an international study published in the Lancet, better

Davina McCall 'grieves loss' of her 'old Dad' who has dementia, but says 'he's still my Dad'

Sue Learner, 19-Jul-17 article from 'Features' section

TV presenter Davina McCall, has revealed how she “grieves the loss “of her “old Dad” since he got dementia, but says they are “forging a new relationship, a different one, where perhaps he might need me more”. Davina,

Glasgow care homes offer free health checks for over 75s

Michaela Mildenhall, 18-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

Four Bupa care homes in the Glasgow area have been offering free health checks to over 75s who live locally. It is hoped the new scheme will encourage older people in the community to come forward for a check-up,

Shortages of nurses 'scandalous': Scottish care homes on the brink of workforce 'emergency'

Michaela Mildenhall, 17-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

Scotland’s care sector workforce is nearing a state of ‘emergency’, with an average turnover of staff as high as 22 per cent, up from 17 per cent in 2015, according to a survey of Scottish care homes. The

Ambulance response time overhaul: Target of seven minutes for severely ill patients

Sue Learner, 14-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

NHS England has announced that 999 calls will now be put into four different categories according to their severity. Ambulances will now be expected to reach severely ill patients in an average time of seven

Dementia-friendly swimming gives care home residents a 'sense of freedom'

Melissa McAlees, 14-Jul-17 article from 'Innovative Care' section

Residents of specialist care village, Belong Crewe, have been making waves at dementia-friendly swimming sessions, which have been designed to enhance mobility, appetite and general well-being. 'Increasing

Dementia care in hospitals improving but staff not always able to access specialist support

Sue Learner, 13-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

Hospitals in England and Wales have taken steps to improve their dementia care, with over two-thirds of carers rating care as excellent or very good. However staff said they are not always able to access specialist dementia support,

Brain gyms growing in popularity as way of combating dementia

Sue Learner, 12-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

Brain gyms are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a way of combating dementia and memory impairment problems. Brains in Action (BRINA) has recently opened two in North London and has found the demand

Iconic chocolate factory renovated into one of UK's most luxurious care villages

Melissa McAlees, 12-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

A luxury care village, housed in the former headquarters of the world-renowned Terry’s Chocolate Factory in York, has officially been opened by the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu. The The Chocolate Works, owned

Care providers urged to join Care Workers Charity supporters club

Sue Learner, 12-Jul-17 article from 'News' section

Leaders in the care sector have taken part in a video urging care providers to sign up to a supporters club run by the Care Workers Charity. There are around two million care workers in the UK caring for some of the most vulnerable

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Six Steps to Success

Date: Friday 07 Jul 2017 – Monday 31 Jul 2017

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Date: Monday 04 Sep 2017

Organiser: Little Court Nursing Home

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Every Thursday from 10.00 am - Armchair Exercise to Music

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