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'Weak and wobbly' Theresa May makes social care cap U-turn

Angeline Albert, 22-May-17 article from 'News' section

Prime Minister Theresa May, has announced the public will be given the chance to have ‘an absolute limit’ on what they must pay for their social care costs, in a Conservative manifesto U-turn that has been described as more ‘weak

Gold Care Homes sells 18 care homes in £90m deal

Sue Learner, 19-May-17 article from 'News' section

Gold Care Homes has sold 18 of its 21 care homes, which are located in the south of England, to an overseas real estate investor. Gold Care Homes was set up in 1999 by the Gidar brothers, who are both qualified

Nurses with dementia 'may forget' to give patients medication

Sue Learner, 19-May-17 article from 'News' section

In the wake of the Royal College of Nursing calling for nurses with dementia to be allowed to carry on working, an expert on dementia has voiced concerns that a nurse with dementia may forget to give patients their medication. The

Tories reject social care cap but promise older voters wealth threshold hike

Angeline Albert, 18-May-17 article from 'News Analysis' section

Older people will not receive a cap on their social care costs from Conservative leader Theresa May but her manifesto promises that those with as much as £100,000 in savings and assets will no longer be required to pay for their social

Elderly with dementia benefit from Japanese chair gymnastics

Angeline Albert, 17-May-17 article from 'Innovative Care' section

If you thought rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time was a mindless game for kids, think again, as the country’s care homes look to embrace a Japanese import that sees chair-based gymnastics benefit people with

Dolly Parton tops residents' playlists at 'outstanding' care home

Sue Learner, 15-May-17 article from 'News' section

Dolly Parton and Frank Sinatra are firm favourites of residents at an ‘outstanding’ care home in Wimbledon, where each resident has their own personalised playlist to listen to on an ipod or ipad. Other popular

Ex-soldier with dementia cycles 934 miles in 'fightback' for family

Angeline Albert, 15-May-17 article from 'Features' section

Forty-one-year-old Chris Graham has Alzheimer’s but is wasting no time in cycling the length of Britain to raise money for research into a disease that has killed his father at 42, grandfather at 46, aunt at 38 and cousin at 41. Chris

Residents forced to move after mice infestation shuts care home

Angeline Albert, 12-May-17 article from 'News' section

A nursing home has been shut down by health inspectors after it was found to be infested with mice. Some 42 residents with conditions including dementia, manic depression and schizophrenia are currently

Autistic women diagnosed late in life: Appearing 'normal' on an 'uneven playing field'

Sue Learner, 12-May-17 article from 'Features' section

Many women with Autism are not diagnosed with the condition until they reach middle age, leaving them wondering what is ‘wrong with them’. Boys are still five times more likely to be diagnosed with Autism

Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto promises £8bn for social care and new 'National Care Service'

Angeline Albert, 11-May-17 article from 'News Analysis' section

The Labour Party will create a National Care Service providing 'care for all' and give £8bn for social care, a leaked election manifesto reveals. £8bn for social care If elected to

Judge: 'inhumane' to split up couples and send one to care home

Angeline Albert, 10-May-17 article from 'News' section

Sir James Munby, the head of the family court, has called the act of separating older couples by sending one to a care home ‘shocking’ and ‘inhumane’. Speaking to an audience of local authority adult social

Norman Lamb calls decision to prosecute over Connor Sparrowhawk’s death 'better late than never'

Sue Learner, 10-May-17 article from 'News' section

MP Norman Lamb has welcomed the decision by the Health and Safety Executive to prosecute Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust over the death of Connor Sparrowhawk, saying it has “taken far too long” but is “better late than never”. Connor,

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Wrea Green Classic Car Rally

Date: Sunday 28 May 2017

Organiser: Lakeview Rest Homes Ltd

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Teapot Tuesday

Date: Tuesday 25 Apr 2017 – Tuesday 23 May 2017

Location: Westbank

Organiser: Westbank Care Home

Teapot Tuesday

Date: Tuesday 25 Apr 2017 – Tuesday 23 May 2017

Location: Willowdene Care Home

Organiser: Willowdene Care Home

Drop-In Open Days for Healthcare Professionals

Date: Monday 01 May 2017 – Tuesday 30 May 2017

Location: Harrier Grange Care Home Hawker Siddeley Way, Andover Hampshire SP11 8BF

Organiser: Harrier Grange Care Home

Jo Sparks Arts and Crafts

Date: Monday 01 May 2017 – Monday 29 May 2017

Location: Rosevale

Organiser: Rosevale

Afternoon Tea and Tour

Date: Tuesday 02 May 2017 – Thursday 25 May 2017

Location: Beaumont Manor Care Home, Kirkby Road, Great Holland, Frinton-On-Sea, C013 0FB

Organiser: Beaumont Manor

Weekly Coffee Mornings

Date: Wednesday 03 May 2017 – Wednesday 31 May 2017

Location: Hill House Care Home

Organiser: Hill House Care Home