Activity book published as vital resource to help those caring for dementia

Date Published: 03 Jul 2013 @ 15:23 PM
Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

A dementia-care themed publication has been launched by Care UK, with the helping of dancing judge and choreographer Arlene Phillips.

Designed to inform carers and loved ones of adults with dementia with up-to-date expertise, the guide ‘As Easy as ABC’ focuses on how people can get the most out of their time spent with those diagnosed, including through everyday tasks and the stimulation of memory.

Speaking of her own experience when her father moved into residential care because of Alzheimer’s disease, Ms Phillips says:

“Deciding that residential care was the right way forward was tremendously difficult. He forgot things like where he lived and leaving the gas on and I took up the role of carer. But eventually his mental state deteriorated to the point where I knew the care I was giving was not enough.

“I personally struggled to make the most out of the final years I spent with my father. Having ideas on how to spend time with him, like those in “As Easy as ABC”, would have helped a great deal but now others can benefit.”

Deirdre Timney, Care UK’s expert on activity based care, said: “Thousands of people around the country are caring for a friend or loved one who is living with dementia, and many of them will never have access to any kind of training or support.

“This book is designed to offer real-life examples and practical hints and tips about how to care for someone and some of them may be a surprise – for example, we suggest that sometimes, taking a step back and doing a little less can be the best way to help someone keep their independence. We’ve included a wide range of ideas, from simply reminiscing over old photos to gentle exercise and how to manage trips out.”


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