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Care Home books 5 new service users in one week!! And it all started by just reading one of our press releases…

Article By: Fennell Marketing

A Midlands Care Home booked 5 new service users in just 1 week using the innovative marketing method created by Fennell Marketing.

This Care Home is now turning over £9000.00 a month more!!

New enquiries are constantly being generated and it is only a matter of time until the Home is full. This was all achieved by using the services of Fennell Marketing.

Fennell Marketing created:

• A bespoke website – that not only looks fantastic but more importantly functions well and has a good presence on the search engines.

• Promotional web video – Potential customers would much prefer to view a 90 second video clip rather than read several pages in a brochure. You have a very narrow window to grab someone’s attention and web videos are the best way of achieving this.

• Third party website links – these powerful sites receive over 1 million hits every month and have a huge presence in the search engines; we tap into these powerful resources and use them to their full potential with amazing results.

This is not an isolated case; the Fennell Marketing method has been proven to consistently deliver amazing results:

• Leicestershire Care Homes increase their occupancy by 18% in less than three months – “Since using Fennell Marketing for our website and promotional video, there has been a sizeable increase in referrals and our occupancy - Thank you so much!” • North Yorkshire Home takes its occupancy level from 87% to 100% and is now looking to increase their registration – all within 2 months!! • Many more Homes have experienced the huge benefits of working with Fennell Marketing Contact Fennell Marketing today to start increasing your occupancy – can you afford not to? *

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Please note: We are now only offering our services to a select few clients in each area. We operate on a fist come first served basis due to time restraints and to make sure that we do not saturate a specific area with our innovative marketing method.