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33 per cent increase in occupancy after two previous consultants struggle

Article By: Fennell Marketing

Fennell Marketing/ Solutions were called into a Swansea Care Home that had recently undergone a large extension and as a result had a number of empty beds that needed filling. Two other well-known Consultants in the industry had previously tried to increase the occupancy at the Care Home through more traditional methods with minor success.

After working with Fennell Marketing for only four months the occupancy has increased by 33% and new enquiries are being generated weekly with two new service users booked this week alone.

Fennell Marketing is implementing some really unique marketing methods with this Home due to the forward thinking owners. As a result the Home now stands head and shoulders above their competition and the business is now thriving.

And don’t take our word for it as the owner is so happy with our services that he is more than happy to talk to any perspective clients. We also have other Home owners who are willing to do this as well.

This has resulted in an increase of more than £17,000.00 a month for the Care Home.

We let our clients do the talking…….

Recommendations taken from

Mark Carter, Care Home owner – 7 new service users!!

"Nick Fennell navigated us through the creation of a first class multimedia website with efficiency and jargon busting practical advice. As a result of this work our occupancy levels have improved markedly and we are confident that we are represented properly in the market place. He continues to follow up and help regularly."

Kishen Sachdev, Care Group owner – Highest ever group occupancy

“Since we have implemented the digital marketing, such as the website and the video, we have been receiving more referrals and the interest we have received has been extremely positive. The majority of our home viewings have also visited our website and they have complemented the website design. Thank you again to Nick, not only for his development in the video and the website, but also his guidance and recommendation in all areas.”

Kamal Malik, Care Group Owner – 100% occupancy achieved

“Our home had been struggling with low occupancy for a few months. After researching the market for a reputable marketing firm we came across Fennell Marketing. After a few conversations we decided to move forward and take on the services of both Fred and Nick Fennell. We had a productive meeting with Fred which lasted a full day whilst Nick made a video and took photos of the home. All I will say is this: If you are a care provider/manager struggling to fill your home(s) then you should give Fennell marketing a call without any hesitation. Within two weeks of the video and professional photos being placed on the website alongside the advice given from Fred, our Business Manager started to get calls on a daily basis with at least four to five enquiries a week. We had nine empty beds before Fennell marketing came on board and we were full with a waiting list after three weeks of the video and photos being put on the web. I know that some providers/mangers may find this too good to be true but this definitely worked for us. We will continue to use Fennell Marketing on a regular basis to promote our homes. Finally, I would like to say Thank you to Fred and Nick for their support.”

Heeren Mahadoo, Care Group Owner – 9 service users in 3 weeks

“Since employing the services of Fennell Marketing, my company has gone from strength to strength. Nick built a bespoke marketing package tailored to the needs of my organisation which included mentoring my managers and administrators in how to promote the care homes on a daily basis. In addition the website produced by Nick has proved to be a huge success and since its introduction, coupled with its integration with the website, the organisation's occupancy has significantly improved. Nick and his company are now supporting all of the homes within my group and I anticipate that we will be working together for many years to come.”

Rebecca Ashley, Care Home Manager – 100% occupancy achieved

“Fennell Marketing has proved to be invaluable to our service. Working with them has promoted our service to a greater market and generated more contacts for us, enabling our occupancy to be at maximum levels. Thank you Fennell Marketing.”

Ian Sutton, Care Home Owner – 15% increase in 8 weeks

“This recommendation is made as I have a passion to help other home owners in these tough times. We met with Fennell's last year and within a very short time scale they had transformed our website and social media presence. This has resulted in increasing our occupancy by over 15% in the space of 8 weeks. As an added bonus we are now receiving regular enquiries for job applications as well. Fennell's have a real can do approach to increasing your occupancy and it works. Superb value. Monthly support for our marketing and web presence maintaining our high occupancy levels month on month. A real asset to the sector.”

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