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A nursing home in a natural area of beauty!


Severn Heights nursing home is set in six acres of mature grounds with stunning views across the River Severn and Malvern Hills. Our place of residence can be found within the Old Hills in Callow End, Worcestershire; an area of outstanding natural beauty. Our residents benefit from a tranquil life in a beautiful location under the care of a friendly team.

Living in the coutryside has a wide range of health benefits for people of all ages. We’ve listed some of the main perks to our rural life at Severn Heights.

Good for the soul

Whether it’s the smell of freshly cut grass or waking up each morning to the sound of birdsong, there’s no doubt that country living makes you more appreciative of nature. The joy that comes with staring out at the rolling hills or sitting out in the gardens and enjoying the wildlife, relaxes both the mind and body and makes it easier to live in the moment.

Sense of community

There is a strong sense of community in the country and we are lucky to be supported by residents, organisations and businesses in the local area, including the village of Callow End. We encourage our residents to remain an active part of the community and we regularly welcome the community into our home to join us for activities and events.

Peace and tranquillity

There’s a reason why people advise going out and getting some fresh air when we’re feeling ill – it makes us feel better. Our residents have the benefit of being able to step just outside and enjoying the peaceful tranquillity of The Old Hills.

Active lifestyle

When you’re surrounded by miles of green fields and acres of land, the idea of getting out and about is much more appealing. The urge to stay physically active is much more common when there’s so much landscape to explore. Residents are always excited to spot the wide array of wildlife enjoying our gardens.

Join our family

Our friendly team at Severn Heights are always pleased to welcome both residents, family, friends and the community into our home. If you’d like to take a tour or are interested in finding out more about the care we offer, contact us on 01905 831199 or email

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