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How to improve CQC inspection ratings and Care Home profitability


Acton held a seminar to help Care Home managers and owners understand CQC compliance and recent Changes in KLOE’s.

If you are buying from a supplier, you should check with them as a matter of urgency that they have adopted the new KLOE’s. The changes are extensive: 11 Frameworks down to 2: What this means for you For the first time, a standardised approach to the whole of healthcare. What the CQC want to achieve is:- 1. A consistent approach to defining and measuring quality and to collecting information. 2. Be clear and consistent about how we assess the quality of care across different types of service. Please visit for more information Outcome from the seminar.

An inconsistency of CQC inspectors was mentioned by delegates, and there was a general consensus that this was indeed an issue. It was discussed that what is seen acceptable by one inspector is not by another. The standards are open to subjective interpretation. This is thought by delegates to be a real issue, that needs to be addressed.

Different inspectors look at things differently the CQC compliance folder provided by Acton can help you and staff know exactly what is expected and the necessary steps that need to be taken and guide you through the inspection and the folder help to demonstrate what the inspectors need.

The delegates thought the forum was a good idea and will be logging into it.

The forum is new from Acton and if used correctly by all users can be a great way to gain answers to the difficult questions and you can discuss issues with the Acton team or likeminded care home users.

A question from Lifeways Group/Merchants House was about costs. The following discussion highlighted that the programme is bespoke but that it is not expensive. The pricing structure does depend on the size of the house/establishment. Each care home is different in size and they will be at different development stages, which will have an impact on pricing. Free site visits to discuss CQC, H&S, FS is available.

The interaction and documentation are important, and the preparation can turn the inspections into opportunities. This then provides the route to progress that improves the profitability, which is by doing the right services such as Health and Safety or Fire assessment.

A further issue from the seminar identified that working with staff teams was important, to ensure there was ‘buy-in’ to the processes. Keeping them informed of the requirements and process was key to this. Using appropriate language that was understood at the level of communication aided in the delivery and engagement of the process. It was discussed that staff often take things quite personally, the situation of reporting. Acton provide in-house training to staff to ensure that all staff are aware of issue and solutions.

Care Homes need to have a clear demonstration of such things as CQC /H&S etc – as this could affect the cost of insurance. Reduction of these costs could be negotiated with the evidence.

The importance of appropriate PPE was also discussed. This often challenges people that do not have the right H&S policies.

A care home raised an issue that an inspector had looked at the Fire Safety and says there is an issue, while the fire brigade says everything is good. Having a qualified and competent person who knows your premises will help to stop inspectors from identifying issues that may not be there as the inspector may not be subject matter specialists.

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