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New Software Developments for 2018 - watch this space


Technology is a massive enabler, especially in a sector where time is precious and in demand.

Care management software can speed up existing processes or enable new, more flexible and accurate ways of carrying out a job or process.

We’ve been introducing operational efficiencies and reducing costs for our customers for years and the feedback we receive is our technology has made our clients day-to-day operations easier.

User experience means a lot to us, and so does staying ahead of the competition, with is why a new look, modern, fresh and intuitive version of Fusion has just been launched.

Not only will the software offer an improved user experience it will re-scale to any device being used ensuring continuity from smart phone to tablet or desktop computer.

The biggest development, and one we are incredibly excited about, will be the ability to complete care plans, reports or assessments even when you lose internet connection. Your information will save and simply upload to the cloud when you are back online.

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