Oomph! Wellness

2nd Floor, Admel House, 24 High Street, Wimbledon, London SW19 5DX

Oomph is the UK market leader in training staff in homes to deliver fun, interactive and impactful exercise and activity sessions. Oomph! has run classes in over 900 care homes and has helped more than 225,000 participants - a number which is growing at 25,000+ a month. Oomph! are producing some remarkable results. Oomph! classes are proven to increase the health and happiness of residents, staff and family and friends - transforming care homes. Training staff in house is a highly cost effective model, costing care homes less than 10p per resident per month on average and saving groups tens of thousands of pounds per month. Every care home, resident and member of staff can benefit from a bit of Oomph!

Chief Executive Officer: Ben Allen

Chief Operating Officer: Kate Colborne-Baber

Oomph! Wellness is in the following categories: Activities, Entertainment, Exercise Instruction & Classes, Recruitment & Job Agencies, Training

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