Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard

Cottons Centre, Cottons Lane, London SE1 2QG

The secure & low cost alternative to corporate Credit Cards

Whether you have staff members claiming expenses, or if you are just looking for a replacement for your petty cash processes, the Cashplus Business Expense Card is the ideal solution for care organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Provide employees or departments with a Chip and PIN protected prepaid MasterCard in order to make payments securely online, in-store or over the phone anywhere that the MasterCard mark is displayed.

• Employees can only spend what’s loaded
• Manage cards centrally online and via mobile app 24/7
• Full fraud and purchase protection on all card spend
• Simple online expense reconciliation

The Cashplus Business expense card was voted business card of the year in 2012 & 2014 at the prestigious Card & Payment Awards.

Cards are issued by Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd, a leading provider of prepaid accounts in Europe, with over 1.3m personal and business cards issued since 2004.

Commercial Executive: Shruti Jani

Relationship Manager: Niesha Lewis

Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard is in the following categories: Banking Services, Financial Services, Funding, Payroll Services, Reputation & Crisis Management, Risk Assessments

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