Create Centre, Smeaton Road, Bristol BS1 6XN

Alive! is a leading practitioner in the UK of meaningful activity for older people in care.

Alive! provides fun and dynamic activity sessions to encourage creativity, celebrate life stories and get the circulation going.

By enabling older people to shape the content of sessions, Alive! offers a unique experience. Sessions include the use of new technology, guided reminiscence and creative, energising and physical activities.

Alive! activity sessions are proven to impact positively on older people in the expression of personal identity, enabling of personal choice, interaction with others and general well-being.

Alive! runs in-house training nationwide and leads regular training courses across the South and South West. Alive! training and mentoring is found to have contributed to positive changes in the culture of care and practice within care settings.

Communications and Support Officer: Beth Lyford

Alive! is in the following categories: Activities, Alternative Therapy, Art, Teaching Aids, Training

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