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CV Search Overview / FAQ

The CV Search is currently in pre-release stage, and only available to selected clients. If you would like to register your interest or have any questions not answered by the FAQ please enter your details in the enquiry form.


5 CV Interactions

One Time Free Trial


1 month

£395 + VAT


3 months

£850 + VAT


1 year

£3000 + VAT


Prices are per licenced user, additional user licences are only available with annual licences, and they cost £500 + VAT per user


All CV's are sector specific – every candidate who has registered their CV has an interest in working in the care homes sector.

All CVs registered since 1st June 2016 have been verified by our dedicated jobs team and all ongoing updates are also verified.

We have a team of dedicated CV Search account managers with industry/recruitment experience.

With CV Search you can set up alerts to notify you when new CVs are registered that match your search criteria.

Easy to use Dashboard. Simple interface makes searching for your exact requirement fast and efficient and records all activity (both individual and team).

The CV Search will be available for General Release from August 2017.

Please see 'CV Search Statistics' (button above) for a full breakdown of our CV database.

All CVs are uploaded via, is the leading Care Homes Job resource for the Care Home Sector.

Please see 'CV Search Tour'(button above) to view all features of the CV Search.

Each User licence includes unlimited searches and depending on your subscription, either a Daily Quota of 'CV Interactions', an Overall Quota of 'CV Interactions' (a fixed number of 'CV Interactions' over the length of your subscription) or no Quota (subject to a daily fair usage cap)


A 'CV Interaction' is any action that enables the candidate to be contacted.

The following count as a 'CV Interaction':
(i) downloading a candidate's CV from the Website onto any computer device such as a PC, phone or tablet computer;
(ii) viewing a candidate's contact details on the candidate profile page (viewing a candidate's profile page itself is not counted as a 'CV Interaction');
(iii) viewing a candidate's CV on the candidate profile page using the 'CV Quick View' menu option (viewing a candidate's profile page itself is not counted as a 'CV Interaction');
(iv) a CV attachment received as part of an email alert or emailed to self from website;
(v) sending a message to a candidate via the website.
Once a CV 'Interaction' has been included in your quota (if you have a quota as part of your subscription) all subsequent 'Interactions' of that CV (on any date) will not count towards your 'CV Interaction Quota'.

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