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£10m Gibraltar Care Village gets Special Blessing


The new state of the art Gibraltar Care Village in Monmouth has received a colourful blessing from a Hindu High Priest in advance of its opening this month.

The Village will encompass a 90 bed nursing home, specialising in dementia care together with 35 independent living cottages and apartments..........

...The vibrant ceremony began by offering prayers ....a fire, or havan, was lit to cleanse and purify the air whilst mantras were chanted to ask for peace and harmony. Finally an auspicious coconut was symbolically broken with the presence of the Mayor of Monmouth Terry Christopher in order to bless the vitality of the home and all those that live and work there.

The Mayor told us “This was a unique and spiritual experience and one that my wife and I are honoured to be part of” he went on to say that “the Gibraltar Care Village has already attracted significant interest from the local community, both for retirement accommodation and for the number of job opportunities it brings to the area. We are privileged to have a company like PSP Healthcare in our patch”.

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