Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home

Clifton Park Avenue, Shipton Road, York YO30 5PD

Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home, York, North Yorkshire
Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home, York, North Yorkshire
Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home, York, North Yorkshire

Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home makes the most of pleasant grounds and a versatile interior to provide top quality nursing and residential care, with professionals available round-the-clock and also skilled in care and support for physical disabilities and dementia.

A committed team work hard to ensure that all provision is tailored to the individual, while allowing them to make the most of a relaxed and homely atmosphere.

All staff are carefully chosen and well-qualified to achieve the best standards, with the company philosophy focusing on an attentive service that also supports an active lifestyle. Personal interests are encouraged and there is much to enjoy within the life of the home.

The aim is to meet all residents’ needs over the long-term, living up to a reputation for quality that Barchester homes have earned.

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator for the care sector in England. On their most recent visit they noted (CQC’s copyright, recording a visit in May 2012) residents said that: ‘The staff are tremendous, they really look after me. I have recently spent some time away from the home but I’m really glad to be back,’ ‘it’s like home from home,’ and ‘being able to do things at my own pace is what I like.’

Group: Barchester Healthcare Ltd

Person in charge: Steve Edgar (Acting Manager)

Local Authority / Social Services: York City Council (click for contact details)

Type of Service: Care Home with nursing – Privately Owned , Registered for a maximum of 64 Service Users

Registered Care Categories*: Old Age • Physical Disability

Admission Information: Ages 55+.

Single Rooms: 56

Shared Rooms: 4

Rooms with ensuite WC: 60

Facilities & Services: Palliative Care • Day Care • Respite Care • Convalescent Care • Physiotherapy • Own GP if required • Own Furniture if required • Pets by arrangement • Smoking not permitted • Close to Local shops • Near Public Transport • Minibus or other transport • Lift • Wheelchair access • Gardens for residents • Bar/Cafe on premises • Phone Point in own room/Mobile • Television point in own room • Residents Internet Access

Latest Care Quality Commission* Report on Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home: click here

* Care Quality Commission is responsible for the registration and inspection of social care services in England.

Bed Vacancies

Bed Vacancies

posted 11 May 2017

We currently have limited availability. Please contact us to discuss your needs further, we would love to welcome you for a visit.


6.9 Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home has a Review Score of 6.9 (6.917)

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    The Average Rating of 3.839 for Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home is calculated as follows: ( (18 Excellents x 5) + (18 Goods x 4) + (14 Satisfactorys x 3) + (5 Poors x 2) + (1 Very Poors x 1) ) ÷ 56 Ratings = 3.839

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    The 3.078 Points relating to the number of positive Reviews for Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home is based on 1 positive Reviews in the last 12 months and is calculated as follows:

    1. 3 = 3

    2. Target of 12.8 positive Reviews (64 registered maximum number of service users ÷ 5). 1 Reviews ÷ 12.8 Target = 0.078

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  • Vicar / Church Minister

Sadly our mother died in Mulberry Court but I must say that the care she received was superb. The staff were respectful and kind and we are most grateful to them.

How likely would you be to recommend Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home? Extremely Likely

Average Rating: 

 4.5 out of 5

Overall Standard: Excellent

Facilities: Good

Care / Support: Excellent

Cleanliness: Excellent

Treated with Dignity: Excellent

Food & Drink: Good

Staff: Excellent

Management: Excellent

Safety / Security: Excellent

Rooms: Satisfactory

Value for Money: Good

Looks lovely which made us choose for my Dad. A very nice place if you are able bodied. However, my dad spent 4 months of his 6 month residency in bed. He needed assistance to get out of bed and into a wheelchair. As a family we got the impression this was too much like hard work to bother with. He left his room on 2 occasions. Staff run off their feet. On reflection definitely not worth £1000.00 per week in our opinion. Dad passed away while in residency and as we cleared his room, which involved passing the managers office on several occasions we got no acknowledgement whatsoever. Uncaring attitude.. Money went missing from room on 2 occasions. Reported and zero concern. Told 2nd time that a no money policy had been adopted. Swept under the carpet. Nurses and carers on day shifts can't be faulted. Dad didn't care for night shift, he felt everything was too much trouble. We spoke to manager but go no feedback or answers.

How likely would you be to recommend Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home? Neither Unlikely or Likely

Average Rating: 

 3 out of 5

Overall Standard: Good

Facilities: Satisfactory

Care / Support: Poor

Cleanliness: Excellent

Treated with Dignity: Poor

Food & Drink: Satisfactory

Staff: Good

Activities: Satisfactory

Management: Very Poor

Safety / Security: Satisfactory

Rooms: Good

Value for Money: Poor

Tom Holloway, Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home responded to this review on 30 Jun 2016:

Thank you for taking the time to complete your review of Mulberry Court. We take all feedback we receive seriously.

Comments we receive from residents, families, visitors and professionals help us reflect on the quality of our service, enabling us to maintain high standards and continue developing. We are particularly interested in identifying any areas for improvement.

It is pleasing to note that the overall standard of Mulberry Court is rated by the reviewer as ‘good’.

Every person living at Mulberry Court is offered the help and assistance that they need, as determined by a comprehensive assessment.
Their needs are reviewed regularly, as they may change over time, and as far as possible the resident and their family are involved in the process; this leads to an individualised and person centred plan of care.
With every resident our aim is to provide the appropriate level of intervention for that person, whilst supporting them to remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

At Mulberry Court, and all Barchester homes, a staffing tool, DICE, is used to determine safe staffing levels.
Rotas are produced in advance which reflect the results from DICE, ensuring sufficient numbers of staff and an appropriate skill mix in each part of the building.

Anyone staying with us who is able to manage their own money, and wants to, would keep money in their own room or about their person.
It is their choice how they then spend this money.
At Mulberry Court our policy is not to hold monies on behalf of residents.
For those residents unable to manage their own money, their family or representative would normally be asked to take the responsibility.
This is explained to residents and their families prior to them coming to live here.

Concerns brought to the General Manager’s attention are always treated seriously, with formal investigations taking place where necessary.
Official complaints are acknowledged within three working days; a full response, including the outcome of any investigation, is provided within 28 days.
Investigating concerns and complaints is another way in which we strive towards continuous improvement.

The management team at Mulberry Court have an ‘open door’ policy, and we encourage regular ad hoc contact from residents, relatives, and visitors.
Due to the design of the building and the position of the General Manager’s office, they are often readily available for people to meet with.

Everyone in the team is encouraged to offer appropriate support to the families of our residents, particularly when their loved one is approaching the end of their life.
Our hope is that we provide sensitivity and empathy at these times, whilst avoiding being intrusive.

It is always disappointing to learn that a family has had a less-than-positive experience of some aspects of the service.
We will continue to listen to all the comments we receive, to learn from them, and to use the information they contain to continue delivering a high quality service to our residents.

Steve Edgar
General Manager
June 2016

The care home is a lovely environment with friendly staff and good facilities. It always seems clean and facilities are lovely, with a nice garden.

My issues with the home are as follows:

Air conditioning used in winter to keep corridors to a cool 21 degrees - not warm enough for an older person. This dissuades my friend from going out and using the lounges.

Staff often sat chatting at nurses station instead of interacting with residents

Food often not appropriate, for example a spicy stir fry and rice!

Staff speak way too quietly to my friend who is very deaf. I would expect staff in the care profession to know this and adjust accordingly.

Activity programme mediocre at best. 'Come down and have a chat with your fellow residents' is not an activity in my opinion! This weeks 'programme' had only 2 days where an actual activity is taking place and one of those was cancelled! Nothing ever happens at a weekend

How likely would you be to recommend Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home? Neither Unlikely or Likely

Average Rating: 

 3.3 out of 5

Overall Standard: Satisfactory

Facilities: Good

Care / Support: Satisfactory

Cleanliness: Excellent

Treated with Dignity: Good

Food & Drink: Satisfactory

Staff: Satisfactory

Activities: Poor

Management: Satisfactory

Safety / Security: Good

Rooms: Good

Value for Money: Poor

Tom Holloway, Digital Marketing Assistant at Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home responded to this review on 07 Mar 2016:

Thank you for taking time to review our home and service. We take any feedback we receive very seriously, as we strive to continually improve our home. Please see our response to the issues raised below:

1. Air conditioning used in winter to keep corridors to a cool 21 degrees - At Mulberry Court we aim to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the building at all times. Temperatures are checked regularly and although we have no record of residents complaining about the building being too cold (or too hot), any concerns raised by the people living here or their relatives are always taken seriously and looked into. We welcome all of the feedback we receive, as it helps us maintain and improve upon the quality of the services we provide.

2. Staff often sat chatting at nurses station instead of interacting with residents - Every member of the team is expected and encouraged to interact with the residents in a positive and appropriate manner, and to contribute to the atmosphere of community and homeliness that we are proud of at Mulberry Court. Each of us aims to engage with residents whenever the opportunity arises, for example whilst assisting with personal care, or when serving meals. We hope to make every interaction a meaningful one, in which each resident’s uniqueness is recognised and valued, and where a person’s dignity is maintained and promoted. There are some occasions when groups of colleagues do need to come together to share important information, or to identify any areas of concern that need to be addressed.

3. Food often not appropriate, for example a spicy stir fry and rice! A variety of nutritious meals are prepared on site by our dedicated catering and hospitality team, and there is always a choice of two main options each mealtime. If neither option is suitable for a particular resident then an “off menu” choice can be selected. We take note of all comments we receive regarding our menus, and we hold a regular Food Forum where residents are consulted about the meals, and can have a direct influence on the types of food we serve. We recognise that people have individual tastes and preferences, and we have sometimes introduced ‘non-traditional’ items to our menu at the request of the residents.

4. Staff speak way too quietly to my friend who is very deaf - As a team we acknowledge the variety of communication difficulties experienced by some of our residents, including hearing impairment. Communication is a major component of each resident’s care profile; with people who are hard-of-hearing, or deaf, each member of the team is expected to speak clearly and slowly, and at an appropriate volume for that person. Colleagues are encouraged to use creative ways of communicating if required, for example a pen and paper. In addition we liaise with the local hospital’s audiology department if there are issues regarding hearing aids, or if a hearing test is needed.

5. Activity programme mediocre at best - We are currently reviewing our approach to activities, focusing on individual lifestyle choices. In future we will explore each person’s interests (both current and historical), as well as incorporating any aspirations and ambitions that they might have, identifying how we can support our residents to continue living fulfilling lives. We are consulting with residents and their relatives, both one-to-one and in forums, to develop an approach that means the choices on offer to our residents are personally meaningful to each of them. The Activities Coordinators will be supported to provide a wider range of creative and stimulating options at Mulberry Court.

I had not come to visit Mulberry Court for several years and was delighted to find it as pleasant, welcoming and well-managed as in previous years.

How likely would you be to recommend Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home? Extremely Likely

Average Rating: 

 5 out of 5

Overall Standard: Excellent

Facilities: Excellent

Care / Support: Excellent

Cleanliness: Excellent

Treated with Dignity: Excellent

Staff: Excellent

Management: Excellent

Safety / Security: Excellent

Rooms: Excellent

Staff are always friendly and pleasant. It appears that, sometimes there are staff shortages and inexperienced agency staff. This is something the staff themselves often comment on. My only averse comment would be the frequency I find my mother's room to be untidy. The bed is often unmade when I visit after lunch. Bins are not emptied and it appears the room has not been cleaned. I would ask that my mother is given a bath more often. The quality of the bedding is poor and I would expect better for the high fees.

How likely would you be to recommend Barchester Mulberry Court Care Home? Likely

Average Rating: 

 3.7 out of 5

Overall Standard: Satisfactory

Facilities: Good

Care / Support: Good

Cleanliness: Satisfactory

Treated with Dignity: Good

Food & Drink: Good

Staff: Good

Activities: Good

Management: Good

Safety / Security: Good

Rooms: Satisfactory

Value for Money: Satisfactory

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