Care Homes and Extra Care Housing Owned by Milestones Trust

Milestones Trust is a not-for-profit charitable organisation with a 30 year history of offering safe, person-centred support to vulnerable people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and dementia.

Milestones Trust was formed in 1986, following the closure of long stay hospitals to move people into local communities, and now runs services throughout Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Swindon and North Somerset.

It supports around 1,000 people, mostly at the higher end of the spectrum of needs who require intensive support.

The Trust runs residential and nursing care homes that range in size from four-bed domestic style homes to a 73-bed dementia care home.

The Trust also supports people though its community recovery services, day care and day opportunities groups, support at home and respite services.

The support provided in shared accommodation in the community and floating support is provided within its own housing properties or those of other housing providers and independent homes.


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2A Court Road

Kingswood, Bristol BS15 9QB

2a Court Road provides round the clock support for 15 residents with learning disabilities, in three self-contained houses. There is also a communal space which features an activity room… more

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Review Score 9.4
from 3 Reviews
My daughter was very relaxed but very full in all aspects of her life, health needs and social… (Thursday 1 Mar 2018)

Abbey House

40 Richardson Road, Corner of Salzgitter Drive, Swindon SN25 4DS

Abbey House provides dementia care to people living in or near Swindon. Staff have been carefully chosen to support small communities and give them the chance to live well with dementia… more

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Review Score 8.2
from 5 Reviews
My husband looks comfortable at last. First time in bed for six years. Staff are simply w… (Monday 16 Oct 2017)

Humphry Repton House

Brentry Lane, Bristol BS10 6NA

The Humphry Repton House service is a collection of dementia care-related services under one roof, including residential, day care, domiciliary and respite. There are forty-four beds… more

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Review Score 6.8
from 2 Reviews
My husband spent 2 weeks in the nursing home. I visited most days and although it was not a… (Saturday 2 Dec 2017)

Hillside House

1-2 Hillside, Cotham, Bristol BS6 6JP

Hillside House is registered for sixteen service users, all of whom enjoy a comfortable care environment, within a spacious Edwardian building in Cotham, that is well-situated for nearby… more

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Review Score 4.5
from 1 Review
Happy with my room, I like living at Hillside. My room is cosy, the staff are friendly and helpful.… (Friday 5 Feb 2016)

46 Bath Road

Longwell Green, Bristol BS30 9DG

Bath Road has been set up for the benefit of six residents with learning disabilities, from a care team well-respected amongst the Gloucestershire healthcare community for the solutions… more

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Chasefield House

Fishponds Road, Bristol BS16 3XB

Chasefield House, situated in the heart of Fishponds, offers eleven beds in a three-storey property with its own stairlift. The provider runs a person-centred service that is well-located… more

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Flaxpits House

Flaxpits Lane, Winterbourne, Bristol BS36 1LB

Flaxpits House is designed to meet the needs of nine younger people with learning disabilities. The refurbished bungalow, in Winterbourne, is wheelchair accessible and has spacious gardens,… more

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Church Road

87 Church Road, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol BS36 2NE

Church Road specialises in personalised care for people with learning disabilities, from the pleasant village of Frampton Cotterell, a short drive from Bristol and Yate. The home caters… more

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8 Graeme Close

Graeme Close, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3SF

Graeme Close is a sixteen-bedroom care home offering a wide range of nursing expertise. The home has been purpose-built to achieve high levels of care, is suited to the challenges faced… more

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Mayo House

Lodge Road, Yate, Bristol BS37 7LE

Mayo House, of Yate near Bristol, has seven en-suite bedrooms that have been tailored for the needs of residents with learning disabilities, complex emotional needs and autism. Purpose-built… more

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Furber Road

Furber Road, St George, Bristol BS5 8PT

Furber Road is a five-bed detached bungalow, which currently caters for five residents over the age of 45 who have learning disabilities. Staff provide round the clock care and can cater… more

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Vassall Road

Vassall Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2LW

50 Vassall Road offers care packages to six adults with learning disabilities, located in the Fishponds community close to good nearby amenities that support an independent lifestyle. While… more

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Northumberland Road

Northumberland Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 7AU

Northumberland Road combines the advantages of a hard-working care team with a large and comfortable property, to achieve high standards of care for five residents with mental health needs. There… more

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Elysian Villas

King Street, St George, Bristol BS15 1DL

Elysian Villas is a 12 place care accommodation set up for the needs of individuals with a learning disability or autism, adhering to the latest regulatory requirements and respecting the… more

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Stibbs House

Stibbs Hill, St George, Bristol BS5 8NA

Stibbs House has been purpose-built to provide expert and appropriate respite care for ten people, with emergency beds available for those in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area. The… more

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77 Gloucester Road North

Filton, Bristol BS34 7PL

Gloucester Road North is home to six service users with learning disabilities. The staff team at the home have experience assisting residents with a range of needs, including visual impairments,… more

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63 Lambrook Road

Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2HA

Lambrook Road is a four-bedroom care accommodation suitable for people with learning disabilities, located in the Bristol area of Fishponds, where residents are supported in achieving an… more

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Wyvern Lodge

Drove Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3NX

Wyvern Lodge is a Weston-super-Mare property that offers skilled care services to eight people with mental health needs, aiming to provide a service that respects the personal freedoms… more

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Channel View

Albert Road, Clevedon BS21 7RR

Channel View, located in a pleasant part of Clevedon, caters for eight residents with mental health needs. Currently, residents in the home are all aged 60 plus. A scenic and peaceful… more

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Cranbrook Road

Cranbrook Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 7BP

Cranbrook Road is a spacious property near Bristol city centre, that is home to five adults with mental health needs. Staff at the home offer each person one-to-one support and support… more

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Southmead Road, Bristol BS34 7QY

Greengates is a fifteen bedroom care accommodation well placed in Bristol to provide access to local amenities and a fulfilling community life for those who use the service. Staff at… more

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Acramans Road

Southville, Bristol BS3 1DQ

Acramans Road, in Southville, Bristol, is a ten-bed property designed to meet the requirements of people with mental health needs. Staff at the home support residents to develop the skills… more

(Extra Care Housing)

Crantock Drive

Crantock Drive, Florence Park, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4HG

Crantock Drive, in Almondsbury, caters for eight residents with learning disabilities. The home boasts a stable staff team, with experience of caring for older residents, who have needs… more

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Mortimer House

Britton Gardens, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 1TF

Mortimer House is a Bristol care home that can welcome up to twenty-eight people for a range of personal care needs, staffed by qualified and hard-working professionals. The service… more

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33 Charnhill Crescent

Mangotsfield, Bristol BS16 9JU

Charnhill Crescent, located in a peaceful area of Mangotsfield, offers round the clock support to people with mental health needs, in a safe, warm environment. Staff support the four residents… more

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Kingsway, Little Stoke, Bristol BS34 6JW

Registered for seven guests, Fairburn is a Milestones Trust short breaks (respite) service, that's designed to suit the needs of residents with learning disabilities, physical disabilities… more

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121 Watley's End Road

121 Watley's End, Winterbourne, Bristol BS36 1QG

Watley's End is a Winterbourne care home for fourteen people, suitable both for service users with learning difficulties and set up to be ideal for mobility issues. The property has… more

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Court View

Parkfield Road, Pucklechurch, Bristol BS16 9PN

Court View, in the village of Pucklechurch, is home to five adults with learning disabilities. Staff at the home have experience supporting those with a range of needs, such as behaviours… more

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Forest Road

Forest Road, Bristol BS15 8EJ

Forest Road is a supported living scheme that's ideal for independent living. The building is made up of four self-contained flats, with their own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom/living space.… more

(Extra Care Housing)

25-27 Teewell Avenue

Staple Hill, Bristol BS16 5NF

Teewell Avenue is a seven-bedroom Bristol care home, offering care for people with learning disabilities in a friendly house, made up of two interconnected properties. The property is… more

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The Recovery Hub

Hampstead Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 3HL

The Recovery Hub is a holistic service that's designed to meet the individual needs of each person it supports. The service offers support for people experiencing a crisis, an alternative… more

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Fishponds Road

Fishponds Road, Bristol BS16 3TE

Fishponds Road is a service designed to support six adults who require minimal support to assist with their mental health needs. The building has six, one bed flats, all of which have a… more

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63 Coronation Road

Coronation Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1AR

Coronation Road, in Southville, caters for six people with enduring mental health needs. Currently residents range in age from their 50s to 80s, and are long-established in the home. The… more

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Tramway Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 3DS

Tramways is a fourteen capacity Bristol care accommodation suitable for a number of mental health-related needs and challenging behaviours. A comfortable abode for the practice of nursing,… more

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The Chestnuts

Lodge Road, Yate, Bristol BS37 7LE

The Chestnuts is a successful service supporting people with learning disabilities, including behaviours that challenge. The home is a perfect stepping stone to more independent living,… more

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Mayfield Park North

Mayfield Park North, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3NH

Mayfield Park North is a service designed to meet the needs of four service users with enduring mental health needs. At the moment the residents of the home are all over the age of 50. Staff… more

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Cleeve Hill

Cleeve Hill, Downend, Bristol BS16 6HN

Cleeve Hill, located in the middle of Downend, is a single-storey house that is excellent for wheelchair users and located close to good local amenities and main bus routes. The service… more

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Chestnut Road Care Home

8 Chestnut Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 5UN

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Kingsway, St George, Bristol BS5 8NS

Kingsway specialises in looking after five residents with mental health complications, with the ultimate aim of empowering each service user to feel respected and independent, with access… more

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Mulberry House

34 Claypool Road, Bristol BS15 9QH

Mulberry House offers 24-hour care and support for adults with learning disabilities, including those with complex needs such as challenging behaviour, autism, communication difficulties… more

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80-82 London Road

Warmley, Bristol BS30 5JL

London Road offers individualised care to eight people, with staff trained in supporting people with learning disabilities and mobility issues. Staff at the home support residents to pursue… more

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Kilvie House

Downend Road, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 1RT

Kilvie House is a pleasant eight-bedroom care facility in Kingswood, Bristol. The home supports residents with a range of complex needs, with staff highly trained to support those with… more

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Felix House

Locking Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3EW

Felix House is a Recovery Pathway Service based in Weston-super-Mare that offers specialist nursing input over a 24 hour period. Staff work in partnership, enabling up to eleven people… more

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